Our co-founder Lauren Conrad gave the best answer when asked, “What’s Your Favorite Position?” During a 2012 SiriusXm interview, she drew the question from a “mystery sack,” read it out loud, paused and then smartly replied: “CEO.”

Here’s to Lauren owning that important position! The question comes at 6:15 in the clip below.

Lauren Conrad CEO Answer

Lauren Conrad CEO Answer2

Images and video via Tumblr, Upworthy and Business Insider.

Katie Couric Lauren Conrad

We are really excited to announce that Lauren will be on Katie tomorrow, talking to Katie Couric about The Little Market. Katie picked some of her favorite items from The Little Market and asked Lauren to talk about them.

Be sure to set your DVRs and tune in! The show airs at 3pm EST on ABC. We encourage you to check your local listings. Click here to check when and where Katie airs.



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