Maya Traditions {The Little Market}

Today marks the One Year Anniversary of The Little Market!

As we reflect on the past year, we are reminded of how this journey began. We had traveled together quite a bit—to Bali, El Salvador, Tanzania, and Uganda—and it was in the midst of these travels that The Little Market was dreamt up.

We always loved exploring the local markets. The amazing, vibrant hard-working women we met along the way were creating unbelievably beautiful handmade products. Two things always struck us: (1) these were products we knew our friends at home would love and purchase if they could, and (2) the women artisans we met all conveyed their determination and desire to support themselves and their families.

So we started The Little Market to empower women artisans around the world. We thought we might be able to create a larger marketplace so these artisans could continue to create their products and make a living wage. In addition, it would give customers the opportunity to purchase unique, handmade pieces from around the world and directly support the artisans who made them.

When we first launched a year ago, we were working with eight artisan groups, based in five countries.

Now, we work with 23 artisan partners from 15 countries all over the world. These artisan groups are collectively employing close to 6,000 artisans.

Beyond the statistics, however, it’s the stories we’ve heard from our partners that resonate the most. Since we started, one of our partners in Mexico was able to hire back gifted artisans who had been laid off when there was not sufficient work. During a conversation with one of the artisans in Guatemala, she told us that the sales of the bracelets she made was allowing her to send her children to school; it would be the first generation in her family to graduate high school.

None of this would be possible without you—our customers and supporters. With every purchase, you are providing meaningful support and income for the artisans and their families. On behalf of all of the artisans whose lives you have impacted, thank you.


Hannah + Lauren

Lauren + Hannah {The Little Market}

Tomorrow, October 24, marks the official one year anniversary of the launch of The Little Market. And looking at how far we have come entails looking back at where it all started. Over a year ago, Co-Founders Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla embarked on what was the first official trip of The Little Market–to India. They were able to explore the country, meet its people, and observe the remarkable traditions they share. A country rich in diversity, India is has a culture that has developed across 5,000 years, making it one of the world’s oldest societies.

While in Jaipur, Hannah and Lauren celebrated the Holi Festival, where they took part in the tradition of splattering radiant colors of paint, embracing the holiday’s message of love.

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Guatemala Trip {The Little Market}

It’s hard to believe, but this Friday, October 24, marks the one year anniversary of The Little Market…and what an amazing year it has been! We are so thankful for your support, and we continue to be inspired by the incredible artisans we work with.

To celebrate the first year since The Little Market launched, this week we are posting some of our favorite memories, starting with this video that captured our trip to Guatemala earlier this year. As suggested by the smiling faces in the video, it was an unforgettable trip. The Little Market Co-Founders Hannah Skvarla and Lauren Conrad explored local markets, filled with crafts displaying the country’s rich culture. They also worked hands-on with some of artisan partners, learning the skills, craft, and heart that goes into each handmade piece.

We also love this video because it shows a glimpse of the country’s incredible beauty. From the volcanoes and mountain ranges to the lakes and rivers to the tops of mountain ranges, to the women, men, and children, themselves, Hannah and Lauren witnessed all of the remarkable things Guatemala has to offer.

We wanted to share this video not only in celebration of our first year, but as a reminder of the beauty behind each product and its purpose. Guatemala is home to four of our wonderful artisan groups, Maya Traditions, Mayan Hands, Wakami, and Precious Hands. All of which work to provide women with opportunities for a better future for them and their families.

We can’t thank you, our amazing customers and supporters, enough for all your help towards this mission!

Our co-founder Lauren Conrad gave the best answer when asked, “What’s Your Favorite Position?” During a 2012 SiriusXm interview, she drew the question from a “mystery sack,” read it out loud, paused and then smartly replied: “CEO.”

Here’s to Lauren owning that important position! The question comes at 6:15 in the clip below.

Lauren Conrad CEO Answer

Lauren Conrad CEO Answer2

Images and video via Tumblr, Upworthy and Business Insider.

Katie Couric Lauren Conrad

We are really excited to announce that Lauren will be on Katie tomorrow, talking to Katie Couric about The Little Market. Katie picked some of her favorite items from The Little Market and asked Lauren to talk about them.

Be sure to set your DVRs and tune in! The show airs at 3pm EST on ABC. We encourage you to check your local listings. Click here to check when and where Katie airs.



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