Your home is often where you spend most of your time. It’s where you relax after a long day of work,where you have friends and family over for dinner, and where you create meaningful memories. So, making your home interiors into spaces you enjoy is important. Interior design is a...

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Your home is often where you spend most of your time. It’s where you relax after a long day of work,where you have friends and family over for dinner, and where you create meaningful memories. So, making your home interiors into spaces you enjoy is important.

Interior design is a powerful tool when it comes to transforming your space. If you’re working with a smaller space, it’s essential to learn how to maximize the space you do have. A few tips and tricks can help you turn a small room into a spacious, open one. How can you do this?

We’ve got you covered! Here’s what you need to know about creating the illusion of more space.

Use Colors To Add Depth

One of the best and easiest ways to add depth to a space and make it feel bigger is to paint. The colors of your room are important for many reasons. Many organizations and facilities use paint colors intentionally to encourage certain psychological effects and moods. Not only can colors affect how you feel, but they can also influence how you perceive the space.

When you’re trying to make a smaller room feel larger, opt for bright or dark shades. Medium colors tend to make a space feel cluttered and smaller than it is. Play with bright colors, dark colors, and contrasting tones to design the space of your dreams.

There are also many ways to add color to your home other than painting the walls.

Here’s what you need to know:

Paint Colors

Most people prefer to use bright colors on their walls and deep tones in their furniture and décor pieces. You can opt for an off-white color, a light gray, a light blue, or other light beige tones to create brightness in a room.

You can also use darker colors like green, black, dark gray, and blue to add dimension and help your space feel bigger. Using dark colors can be intimidating for most, so if you’d rather paint your walls lighter colors, you can use darker furniture to create depth.

Furniture Colors

If you can’t repaint your walls, consider using furniture to add brightness and contrast. You can add brightness using a white or light-colored rug or add a deep tone with a vintage red rug or a rug with dark tones. You can also use your sofa color to add contrast to your space.

This depth creates the illusion of having a large, open space, even if you don’t. You can use this strategy in any room you can think of.


Use dark cabinet colors or dark tile colors to create a contrast with bright, neutral paint colors. You can also use a light shower curtain color and a bright light fixture to add depth.


Use deeper paint colors on the lower cabinets and brighter colors on the upper cabinets to create a contrast in your kitchen. Adding floating shelves can free up counter space and help store your kitchenware.


Use bright walls to contrast with furnishings like neutral bedding or a dark rug. Incorporate airy decorations (like sheer drapes) to add contrast and make the space brighter.

Living Rooms

If you have bright, natural flooring, use deep paint colors to add contrast. You can add lighter blinds, furniture pieces, and a light fixture to balance out the living room look.

Add Color with Quilts

If your paint colors and furniture are both neutral, don’t panic. Our collection of Handmade Kantha Quilts provides the perfect way to add a pop of deep, rich color to your home.

With deep hues of green, red, blue, purple, yellow, gold, black, and restful neutral colors, you can find an accent piece for every room in your home.

Storage Is Key

If you’re dealing with small spaces, chances are you have minimal storage too. Lack of storage is one of the main causes of clutter in the home. If you don’t have a place to store something, it’s going to feel like clutter, which consumes valuable visual space and real estate.

Your space should accent everything in it. This includes furniture, rugs, lamps, and decorations. If there’s clutter, it can take away from how the space feels, making a small space look more cramped.

Here are some ideas for storage in small spaces:

Hidden Storage

One of the best ways to add storage to a small space is to use hidden storage. There are many ways to do this, but the best way is to use multi-functional furniture.

Here are some examples of multi-functional furniture that have storage:

Bed frames with storage underneath or space for storage underneath

Couches with storage underneath the cushions

Benches and seats with storage underneath

Ottomans, stools, and coffee tables with storage underneath

When it comes to hidden storage, get creative. You can also make your own hidden storage. If you have space underneath your bed to store items, consider using baskets for storage. Our collection of Handwoven Storage Baskets is perfect for your pantry, bathroom, or laundry room. These beautiful pieces are woven with locally sourced grasses and materials and add the perfect touch to your décor.

Use Long, Full Curtains

Another trick to make a small space feel larger is to hang long curtains. These also help make your room look and feel luxurious. Many people hang their curtains starting directly above or at the window. However, this can make your room feel smaller and shortened.

Tip: Hang your curtain rod high above the windows, almost closer to the ceiling. Hanging your curtain rod higher will also help your window feel taller.

For a rule of thumb, aim to hang your curtain rod about six inches above the window frame. If your windows are extra short, you can add another few inches. Make sure your curtains hang from floor to ceiling for the best results.

Decorative Accents To Make the Room Feel Larger

Another component to consider when trying to make a small space feel larger is décor.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should know.

Less is More

The first rule to keep in mind is that less is more. If you use many different decorative pieces that are small, it can make a space feel crowded, cramped, and overwhelmed.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and use decorations! However, it’s best to practice some intentionality.

Instead, use fewer large-scale pieces to accent your walls and space. Instead of using four or five pieces of artwork on a wall, use two large-scale pieces. One can be an abstract painting, and the other can be a textured neutral canvas. This will help your space feel larger while still displaying art and décor.

While individual wall décor can work wonders for a room, you don’t need them on each wall. Instead, use paint and other techniques to create an accent wall. Consider that vertical stripes make your walls feel taller, creating the illusion of extended vertical space.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are excellent tools for making a small room look bigger. This trick has been used for years in interior design and is still a great way to decorate a space. A mirrored wall is stunning, but you can also rely on several smaller mirrors to add dimension.

In addition to mirrors, you can use reflective wall hangings like our Capiz Shell Moon Phases Wall Hanging. With a reflective surface, it can add brightness and texture to your space. It is handmade in the Philippines, and each purchase empowers artisans with access to livable wages and skills training.

Artificial Light Sources

Natural light is by far the most effective way to make a room feel larger. However, not every room in your home is going to have the best natural light. If you have smaller windows, a shaded room, or just want to add light to help your space feel larger, use lamps or accent light fixtures like sconces.

A few large lamps are better than many small table lamps, so make sure you use bright bulbs and larger lamps that brighten up your space. You can also use an accent light fixture in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room to help your space feel brighter and larger.

Declutter Your Space

One of the most critical steps to making a small space feel larger is to declutter. Decluttering also offers a range of health benefits. Even if you change the paint colors, minimize wall décor, and take other tips into account, clutter will hinder your progress.

How can you declutter your space? Here are some tips to help.

Start Room by Room

If you’re considering decluttering, you may picture an entire house free of clutter. While this can be a peaceful thought, it can also be overwhelming. Even if your end goal is to declutter your entire house, start room by room.

Having smaller goals will help you break down your decluttering and make it an easier, less overwhelming process. If you need extra motivation, start with the easiest rooms to declutter. This may be your pantry or your laundry room or even your guest bathroom.

Starting with the easiest project can give you the motivation you need to tackle the next room and the next. Soon, you’ll have decluttered the whole house.

Set a Time Limit

Another way to help you declutter a space is to set a time limit. Choose a room, take a minute to look around, and then set a five- or 10-minute timer. See how much you can declutter within this time period. Your progress might surprise you.

This is especially helpful for getting your family members to help you declutter. If you’re trying to get kids to participate, turn it into a game. Set a time limit and see how much your little ones can get done.

Start From Scratch

Another helpful tip for decluttering a room is to start from scratch. If you’re able to, take everything out of the room you’re decluttering. If there’s larger furniture inside, remove everything but this furniture.

Then, slowly add back the most essential pieces to the room. If you’re working on a bedroom, this may include the mattress, nightstand, desk, and chair. Once the essential pieces are back in the room, put back only the things you need. Don’t add back anything that makes the space feel cluttered or messy.

You may find yourself keeping some of your clothing out, your books, or some of your knick-knacks. By only returning the things you need into the room, you’re able to distinguish between what’s clutter and what isn’t. Plus, this can help some picture a clean slate for a room.

Make Piles

One of the best ways to organize your decluttering process is to make piles. You can use boxes with different labels, bags, or just piles on the floor. You’ll want to have three piles. One will be the pile for things you want to keep. This should include items you use, wear, and enjoy often.

The next pile is a pile of things to get rid of. This should include anything you haven't used, touched, or thought of in the last year. There can certainly be some exceptions to this rule for family heirlooms or keepsakes. The general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it, you don’t need it.

Lastly, make a pile of things you need but don’t use often. This might include cleaning supplies, guest bedding, and extra blankets for the winter. While these things are necessary items to have in the house, they don’t need to permanently sit in a room and take up space.

These are items you can use in hidden storage areas or in multi-functional furniture pieces that offer storage components as well. These three piles will help you declutter your space efficiently.

Donate, Donate, Donate

During your decluttering process, the goal should be to get rid of what you don’t need. If you have the thought that you could save something and use it later, there’s a good chance you don’t need it.

When you’re serious about decluttering, you’ll end up getting rid of many items. A great way to turn your decluttering into a contribution is to donate gently used items! Not only can having less clutter help soothe feelings of stress, but it can help others.

Take extra pots and pans to the local thrift store. Drop your old sweaters and jackets off at a donation center. Many animal shelters appreciate towels. There are tons of ways to help your home and help the world too. Note: it’s important to donate responsibly and read the organization's guidelines for donations.

Transforming Your Space With Handmade Pieces

Handmade pieces can transform your home and make it a cozy paradise for you, your loved ones, and your guests. Here at The Little Market, we know how important it is to make a comfortable space.

From your guest bedroom to your kitchen and living room, our collection of handmade goods will help you create more intentional spaces in every room in your home, so it’s a space you love.


Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is a space that should feel warm, welcoming, and peaceful. This room is where you rest your head each night. Creating an inviting, beautiful space is beneficial to supporting mental health, encouraging stress relief, and finding calm. When designing your bedroom...

What Is a Quilt?

Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is a space that should feel warm, welcoming, and peaceful. This room is where you rest your head each night. Creating an inviting, beautiful space is beneficial to supporting mental health, encouraging stress relief, and finding calm.

When designing your bedroom paradise, you’ll likely run into a decision on what bedding you should use. There are not only many different categories to choose from, but also many brands and types of bedding in these categories. Quilts are one of these options.

What is a quilt, and how do you find the perfect one for your home?

Read on to learn more.

Everything You Should Know About Quilts

So, what is a quilt? Quilts are blankets that are handmade. A quilt often has three layers. The top and bottom layers are made with various fabrics sewn together in shapes and patterns. The middle layer, known as the batting, is typically a warm fabric like wool or cotton. This layering allows for different designs on the top and bottom, as well as added warmth from the middle layer.


Quilts in History

When you think of quilts, you likely attach a favorite memory from your grandparents’ house or a friend's house. Maybe quilts evoke feelings of a warm cozy bed or staying up late on Christmas Eve. While we associate quilts with comfort and safety, the generations before us used quilts for much deeper reasons.

The art of quilting can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt. After this, records of quilting in history date back to the 12th and 14th centuries. Quilts were used for more than just blankets. These beautiful pieces were considered art in many cultures. While function was important, artistic expression was too.

Quilts became an excellent way to incorporate textiles and fabrics in art. With the simple stitching and ability to reuse materials you already had on hand, this medium was accessible and had endless possibilities.

If we trace quilts through history, we see pure, artistic expression, storytelling, and family history. What may seem like a simple, eco-conscious way to make a blanket actually carries with it centuries of art and beauty.

How Are Quilts Sewn?

Quilts are known for the precise sewing technique used to make them. These meticulous methods are considered time-honored practices as they are time-consuming and require much effort. One particular method used is known as kantha, which is a valuable art form found in Indian embroidery.

The kantha stitch has been used for over 500 years and is one of the most integral parts of Eastern India’s textile industry. The kantha technique allows for upcycling and reusing materials. This stitch is practical and useful, and it holds hundreds of years of tradition.

Here’s How It Works

First, artisans gather old women’s saris, or even old clothing, and layer them in certain patterns and shapes. Then, using what’s known as a kantha stitch, similar to a running stitch, artisans stitch them together to form a top layer. Once the top layer is finished, they begin work on the middle and bottom layers.

Some quilts have their layers sewn together, while others have tassels or ties on the end for added decoration. It’s also traditional to make the kantha stitches on the top layer longer than the stitches on the bottom layer. This gives each quilt the characteristic textured, wrinkled look that adds dimension.

This traditional Bengali craft is near and dear to the artisans working in Bangladesh and India. They use this method to repurpose and reuse old clothing, thus making something that’s at the end of its life new again.

These cultures believe each piece of clothing holds memories and love from its previous owner’s life. By sewing old pieces of clothing into a quilt, they sew in and preserve their love, hopes, and dreams as well. This journey of turning the old into something beautiful is an excellent picture of the values and meaning behind quilts.

What Are Quilts Made Of?

In today’s market, you can find quilts made of anything, from materials like cotton, wool, and polyester to new fabrics and old clothes. Traditionally, however, quilts are made with repurposed saris.

These are saris that women have grown out of, replaced, or gotten rid of due to wear and tear. Instead of throwing them away, artisans repurpose them into blankets that then begin a new life.

What about the thread used to sew these quilts together? Where does this thread come from? The answer is — used clothing and saris. Even the thread used to sew these quilts together is repurposed from another piece of old clothing.

Quilts vs. Duvet Covers vs. Comforters: The Difference

Now that we’ve examined the history behind quilts and their significance in the home, it’s important to understand how quilts differ from other bedding.

Let’s take a look at the difference between quilts, duvet covers, and comforters.

What Is a Duvet Cover?

Duvet covers, also known as duvets, are coverings for a comforter. These are most often in neutral shades like white and are filled with a soft material. Duvet covers help protect the bed, add warmth, and make laundry easier as you don’t have to wash your whole comforter.

What Is a Comforter?

Comforters have their own down or synthetic feathers inside to make them fluffy. This type of bedding is typically thick to provide enough warmth at night without an extra blanket.

Comforters only include one piece of bedding, while duvet covers require two pieces. This may make duvet covers warmer, but removing and reattaching a duvet cover can be quite the challenge.

What Is a Quilt?

This is where a quilt comes in handy. Often designed with multiple layers in a beautiful hand-stitched pattern, quilts offer the same warmth as duvet covers without the hassle. While comforters are excellent, they may lack the warmth you need to sleep comfortably.

How To Choose a Quilt

There are many reasons to incorporate quilts into your home. From the practical warmth they provide to the artistic expression they offer for your space, there’s no shortage of ways you can use a quilt.

If you’re wondering how to choose the perfect quilt for your space, here’s what you need to know:

Choose a Color

One of the best reasons to use a quilt in your bedroom or home is to add a pop of color. Quilts are rich in a variety of hues, patterns, and textures. You can choose the color in a few different ways.

First, simply take a look at your color options and what colors you like. If you like neutrals, opt for neutral quilts. If you like blues and purples, look for these tones. If you like gold and green and brown, you can find quilts in these tones too.

You can also aim to match your quilt with the other colors in your space. If you’re going for a vintage look and feel, look for vintage reds and brown tones. If you have a theme in your room and multiple colors overlapping, try to incorporate these colors in your quilt too.

Color is especially important if you’re placing the quilt in a place many people see it. For instance, if you want to drape a quilt over the armchair in your living room, you want it to match your space. Consider the tones throughout the room and how to incorporate them into the quilt. You can use bold colors and patterns, or you can opt for softer quilts.

Enjoy flexibility; don’t be afraid to go bold and express yourself. After all, quilts are about much more than just staying warm. Using them as art and expression in your home is an excellent way to turn your room into a more personal space.

Pick a Pattern

Next, it’s time to choose a pattern. Just like colors, quilts come in a range of different patterns. No two quilts are exactly alike. Each pattern offers a different quality, so consider what you’re looking for.

If you’re decorating a modern space, look for more intricate designs or more simple designs. For artistic and colorful spaces, use floral or paisley patterns. There’s no shortage of ways you can incorporate patterns in your home.

You can even mix and match patterns with complementing colors to add an accent to the room. Pattern mixing is a great way to elevate your décor and achieve bold patterns in your home.

Consider the Materials Used

When choosing a quilt, it’s also important to consider the materials used to make it. While traditional handmade quilts are typically made with repurposed materials, modern options may not be. Do your research so that you know what materials are in each quilt.

Here at The Little Market, each handmade quilt is made with the traditional kantha stitch and repurposed cotton saris. These saris are 100 percent cotton and sustainably sourced as they’re made from recycled materials.

The materials we use in our homes impact the environment in a significant way. To make this impact a positive one, we’re passionate about creating beautiful home décor from eco-conscious resources. By checking the materials used in your home décor, you can support the planet.

Beautiful Quilts To Enjoy In Your Home

Here are a few creative ways to use quilts in your home

The most common room to use quilts in is the bedroom. Your bedroom is a place of relaxation, calm, and rest. It’s important to use decorations and colors you enjoy in your bedroom. Using colorful bedding can add the perfect pop of color.

Consider our Small Kantha Quilt No. 773 with beautiful accents of green and gold or our Small Kantha Quilt No. 762 for rich hues of tangerine orange and paisley designs. Each purchase empowers artisan women in Bangladesh, many of whom are survivors of human trafficking and abuse. In a safe, dignified environment, they earn fair wages and learn essential skills.

Having an accent wall in your home is an excellent tool for interior design. Instead of using wall art or paint, consider using a boldly patterned quilt to hand as a tapestry. Our Kantha Quilt No. 839 is a beautiful blend of blues, greens, and yellows. This quilt tells a story while adding a cozy accent to your wall.

For hues of red, blue, and cream tones, our Kantha Quilt No. 843 is a true gem. This beautiful piece is the perfect addition to hang on your wall, drape over the couch, or use in the guest bedroom.

Quilts have a beautiful, detailed past. They are a patchwork of traditions, love, and creative artistry. With our careful preservation of quilt-making, we can ensure that this craft endures through our future.


  Buying your friends and family the perfect holiday or Christmas gift is one of the best ways to show them you care during the holiday season. Whether you have one person in mind or are looking to find gifts for everyone on your list, there is nothing like a...

15 Great Handmade Gifts For the Holidays 2022


Buying your friends and family the perfect holiday or Christmas gift is one of the best ways to show them you care during the holiday season. Whether you have one person in mind or are looking to find gifts for everyone on your list, there is nothing like a well-thought-out personal gift.

Shopping for handmade gifts makes it easy to find something unique for any special occasion you might be celebrating. From one-of-a-kind ceramics and jewelry to throw blankets and kitchen décor, you can find gifts for everyone in your family.


This guide breaks down everything you need to know about shopping for handmade gifts this holiday season. From big gifts and little gifts to birthday gifts and wedding gifts and everything in between, these present ideas are perfect for the holidays.

Recipe Rings

Recipe rings make unique holiday gifts that demonstrate thoughtfulness and effort. Gather up your favorite recipes from your family members and friends and create a customized recipe ring for your recipient. Print off each card and hole punch the corner where you can attach them to a ring for easy access.


Handmade soaps are a luxurious handmade gift to surprise your friends and family with. Use these as stocking stuffers or select a Soap Flight for your guest. Choose from scents like peppermint or lavender.

A Tea Wreath

If your recipient loves teas, consider making them a tea wreath. You’ll need supplies to make your own wreath, or you can find one at your local handmade goods shop or craft store. Then, position boxes of tea throughout the wreath as a special treat for them and decorations they can use each year. These homemade gift ideas are a no-brainer for your tea fans.

Our Organic Rooibos Tea is the perfect addition to your tea wreath. Each box is full of hand-harvested teas in Kenya, and your purchase supports artisans and farmers in these communities. Plus, the packaging is created from dried banana bark.

String Art

If you’re looking to express creativity and save money this holiday season, consider a DIY gift idea. An excellent way to do this is to make string art. It’s easy to master, low in material costs, and a great way to show thoughtfulness and effort in your gifts.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A wooden board or cork board (For added cheer, cover it in festive fabric.)

Embroidery floss, thin string, or yarn

Flathead nails

A hammer

When you gather your materials, follow these tutorial steps:

First, hammer the nails into the board in any design or pattern you like. You can get creative with this step. Choose a holiday-themed design like a Christmas tree, a candy cane, a decorative menorah, a Christmas or Hanukkah ornament, or Santa, or choose a design they can display all year long. You can even use their name or family name, or simply make an abstract pattern.

Once you’ve decided what pattern you want and hammered the nails accordingly, it’s time to wrap the string around the nails. You can use any order or pattern you like and alternate between colors of yarn or string as well.

Bring your easy DIY design to life with the string. Wrap your string art in a beautiful box or environmentally friendly tote bag, and watch your loved one’s face as they open it!

Embroidered Cards

In addition to using your embroidery floss for string art, consider making your own holiday and Christmas cards too. Use embroidery floss to create a Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Day design, monogram, or similar content on the front of your cards.

Gently poke holes in your paper with your sewing or embroidery needle and then thread the string through. This craft can also be fun for kids (with proper supervision).

Jar Desserts

Another DIY gift you can consider giving is a delicious jar dessert. These recipes are not only easy, but they’re relatively the same as if you were making them outside the jar.

For example, make a strawberry shortcake jar dessert by using the same angel food cake, whipped cream, and strawberries. Layer them in the jar and tie a ribbon bow on top.

You can perform the same method for an easy gift like a no-bake key lime pie or a brownie or make homemade trail mix personalized for the recipient. Be sure to make each gift fresh before you deliver it.

If you can’t make it fresh, consider making an oatmeal mix or hot cocoa mix in the jars instead. This is a fabulous sustainable present, as this Moroccan-made Glass Jar that lasts long after the dessert is enjoyed.

Bath Bombs

If you’re not sure what to get your friends and family members who love to relax, consider bath items and self-care tools like soaking salts, scrubs, and bath bombs.

For instance, our Bath Bomb Flight contains four bath bombs, so you can put together the perfect self-care gift set. This is a great gift to help your loved ones relax, take time for themselves, and enjoy a spa-like experience from the comfort of their own home.

Choose from their favorite scents like orange, chamomile, coconut, lavender, and peppermint to design a gift set just for them. Made with ingredients like Himalayan salt and essential oils, this handmade gift will provide all the aromatherapy and skin benefits they could ask for. These also make great stocking stuffers or gifts for families, as they can share a flight among themselves.

Sugar Scrubs

You probably have a friend or family member who loves skincare, self-care, and all things relaxation. If so, consider these sugar scrub handmade gifts. Our Sugar Scrub Set includes four scrubs of your choice with a variety of essential or fragrance oils to choose from.

With all-natural ingredients in each jar, this is an excellent gift. There are many scents, including lavender, vanilla, and citrus.

Baby Booties

Are your friends or family members expecting? Give the new parents handmade Alpaca Baby Booties in lavender or gray. Not only are these booties adorable and soft, but they’re a great way to help keep their new baby’s toes warm all winter long.

A Leather Passport Holder

If you have loved ones you enjoy traveling, consider our Leather Passport Holder. This beautiful handmade gift supports artisans in Kenya and is the best way to help your friends and family members travel in style.

Each passport holder is made with soft cowhide leather in Kenya by entrepreneurs in Maasai communities.

Homemade Candles

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day, lighting your favorite candle, and relaxing with your favorite fragrance filling up your home. Whether you are looking for a hostess gift for a coworker's holiday party or something special for Mother's Day, candles are a simple but a stunning gift.

Candles are a thoughtful, unique, and practical gift that bring in the charm of winter festivities. There’s no better way to enjoy the fragrances of the holidays in your home while sipping on a mug of hot chocolate.

Our candles, like the Pie Crust Candle, are one-of-a-kind pieces handmade in the United States. Each purchase helps support women who resettled here as refugees. They earn a sustainable income and participate in job training to support their families.

Tassel Pillows

Another great handmade gift idea involves home décor. Consider a few throw pillows or blankets to help accent furniture. Our Tassel Pillow Covers are handmade in El Salvador and are an excellent gift for your loved ones to enjoy. Not only are they bright in color and unique in designs, but they’re comfortable and luxurious.


Having the perfect jewelry is an essential part of carefully curated accessories, so this gift speaks volumes. If you’re looking for the perfect handmade gift for that special someone, you can’t go wrong with a Handmade Gemstone Necklace. Available in midnight blue, onyx, white, and smokey quartz, this gift is a one-of-a-kind gift that will say more than words can.

All of these handmade necklaces are made with 14k gold-filled materials that don’t chip or wear off. Each purchase helps empower women entrepreneurs in Cambodia with access to fair employment, wages, and skills training for brighter futures.


Vases (with Flowers!)

Vases are an excellent handmade gift idea for your friends and family. Our Etched Glass Vase is handmade in Mexico and supports artisans in the communities. With beautiful florals and designs etched on the exterior of these handmade pieces, they’re a unique piece that anyone will love.

Spice up this gift by arranging flowers in it. Grab a batch of flowers or greenery like pine needles from your garden, the supermarket, or a local florist nearby. Arrange them in the vase, alternating pockets of colors, greenery, and height to make the arrangement look full.

You can also use invisible tape in a criss-cross pattern to help spread out the stems and make the arrangement look even fuller. No need for gift wrap: The flowers are their own decoration this time of year.

Cozy Quilts

During the holiday season and wintertime, it’s important to stay warm. When we go outside, we have a scarf and sweater, but how should we stay toasty indoors?

Our Kantha Quilt is an excellent gift that will help your loved ones cozy up this holiday season. It’s handmade in Bangladesh and supports women at a social enterprise.


Gifts That Keep on Giving

You can’t go wrong with classic gifts like picture frames, coasters, and kitchen dishes. You can level up these items by finding similar handmade gift ideas.

Handmade gifts are unique and special in and of themselves, but when they support artisans across the globe, they keep on giving for years to come. No matter who’s on your shopping list, at The Little Market, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for everyone and make the holiday season cheery and full of joy.

Picture the main rooms in your home. Your design. Look around — what makes you feel most at home in these rooms? It may not be a beautiful design element. Sometimes it’s that practical detail or touch that anticipates your needs throughout the day. Now picture yourself as a guest...

Beautiful Guest Bedroom Ideas

Picture the main rooms in your home. Your design. Look around — what makes you feel most at home in these rooms? It may not be a beautiful design element. Sometimes it’s that practical detail or touch that anticipates your needs throughout the day.

Now picture yourself as a guest in someone’s home. When you arrive there, and everything you could have wanted has already been anticipated before you even asked, don’t your shoulders just drop in relief at the thought of it?

You can approach the design of your guest room with the same goal in mind. When you go that extra mile of thoughtfulness by anticipating your guests’ needs throughout their stay, your guests will engage more deeply in enjoyment and rest while they are in your home.

Read on to discover ways to design your guest room space with thoughtfulness, practicality, and sustainable, relaxing beauty.


One of the most important first steps to designing your space is considering the color palette. Color impacts our minds, bodies, and emotions. Each color carries its own symbolic significance. You can be inspired, calmed, soothed, or energized simply by the colors that surround you.

Learn more about the psychology of colors as you design the perfect guest space. Color makes any space feel intentionally designed. Your guests will feel that much more welcome when they walk in.

At The Little Market, we have designed a way for you to search and shop by color on our website. You can search for products in natural, blue, gray, pink, or more.


Wallpaper has officially made its way back on the design scene. Textures, patterns, and arrays of color can all be achieved in the room with a simple wallpapered accent wall.

So how can you go about choosing the right wallpaper for your guest space? Firstly, when you look at a wallpaper sample, pay attention to your initial reaction.

Does anything get stirred up in you? Are you breathing more deeply? Does it have that “yes” about it even if you can’t quite find the words to describe why?

Think deeply about the patterns and colors and imagine them in repetition on your wall. How about something earthy and floral? Or bourgeois and vintage? What about something mild and dreamy?

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Your guests will love the uniqueness of your design.


Hampers can add the perfect, intentional touch to a guest bedroom. Our natural woven hampers are one of our most versatile products. You can use them in different ways throughout the seasons.

All of our hampers are made from sustainable materials by weavers preserving age-old traditions.

You can use our lidded hampers in your guest space to store blankets, towels, or extra pillows while your guests are cozied up and dreaming.

You can also take that extra mile of thought and offer it as a place for your guests to keep their used clothes during their stay. Make the room a home-away-from-home where they can feel fresh and organized all week.



Some guest bedrooms work as multifunctional spaces in the home. We need to make room for those extra storage areas that we need access to but can’t integrate into other areas of our home.

Create a clean, organized look with a bookshelf designed to hold woven storage baskets. Hide away cords, paperwork, electronics, or extra linens in our handmade woven baskets. You’ll have easy access to your practical items without cluttering your guest space.

Go big with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase full of baskets for an eye-catching design. Maybe even keep a few baskets on the shelf empty. This will allow your guests to store their toiletries or travel necessities during their stay.

If you need even more storage options, order a bed frame with drawers underneath it. This often-overlooked nook is a great way for you to store your odds and ends while leaving the wardrobe or dresser open for company.



The more throw pillows, the better! But how can you live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing your love of design?

We have curated a line of interchangeable pillow covers so that you don’t have to commit to one set of throw pillows. You can purchase one set of plain throw pillows and rotate out the covers.

Swap them out to mark the changing seasons or to create a different mood in the room. Go bold by mixing and matching textiles. Create a cozy mood with multiple of the same pillow covers. Small pops of color send vibrancy vibes all over.


Nothing makes a room feel homier than a beautiful quilt casually draped across the foot of the bed. Our quilts hold even more special significance.

Each of our one-of-a-kind kantha quilts is hand-stitched from sustainably repurposed vintage cotton saris. You can choose from small-, medium-, or large-sized quilts, and we have included how many hours it took for the artisans to stitch each one.

Our hand-stitched quilts are made in Bangladesh by artisan women who have survived human trafficking and abuse. Your purchase makes a difference both in the beauty of your guest bedroom and in the lives of these strong women.


The best throw blankets beg you to reach out and touch. They wrap you up for afternoon naps and join you for an evening of watching your favorite show.

Our handwoven Fringe Throws create the perfect modern touch. Choose from Desert Rose, Natural, and Dusty Blue to give your guest room a subtle, inviting accent. The soft, woven fabrics add both texture and a hint of minimalism to your space.

A good throw tells your guests that this room isn’t just for sleeping, but it’s for lingering too. For the ultimate seating area, toss an extra blanket over the couch. Try your hand at intentional design by matching the throw to the rugs and curtains.


Subtle practical accents will welcome your guests throughout their stay. The bedside table décor should be minimal, practical, and beautiful. Next to the tabletop lamp, accentuate the surface with one of our Lidded Glass Jars.

You can offer small storage space options for your guests to keep their small travel items. Allowing enough room for your guests to unpack their suitcases will ease their burdens and maximize relaxation.

Our jars come with hand-painted ceramic lids made by Moroccan artisans. They will make for the perfect subtle touch on your guest’s nightstand.


Themes create cohesion in a space.

Do you enjoy spaces that feel bright, airy, open, and intentional?

Meditate on a minimalist design for your guest bedroom.

Are you more drawn to mismatched textiles, indoor greenery, and textured fabric?

A bohemian design may work best for you.

What about clean lines, bold colors, geometric patterns, and new technologies?

You will enjoy designing a modern space for your guests.

Both theme and color act as the scaffolding for your design. Deciding ahead of time will help you determine which décor will suit the space best.


You can decorate for the holidays without overdoing it! Subtle hints at the season will intensify your guests’ excitement for the celebration ahead.

If you have guests arriving for Thanksgiving, consider autumn colors, accents, or one of our many deliciously scented fall candles made with natural essential oils. Our Gratitude Garland in Oatmeal hanging above the guest bed headboard will set the tone for joy and thanksgiving.

If you have guests arriving for Christmas, muted reds and greens do well to hint at the season without overpowering your room’s design. Let your guests take in the festive aromas from one of our woodsy candles.

Our Star Felt Garland sets the tone for brightness and joy as you gather in your home for the holidays.


When you bring the natural world into your home, you’re inviting your guests to slow down and breathe deeply. There are scientifically proven health benefits to decorating with indoor plants.

Set down some fresh flowers in a stunning vase from the market just before they arrive. Our glass vases and ceramic pitchers add a gentle touch of nature to your space. Our tray and baskets can hold succulents or other low water plants to create a small landscape of greenery in the room.


We know the extra bedroom in the house doesn’t come as high on the decorative priority list as the living room, master bedroom, or kitchen.

But every inch of a beautiful house deserves attention and special detail. With the right accents, colors, and textures, you can create a warm, welcoming space that your visitors will adore.

When you design the space by engaging all five senses, the room will cease being simply a room. It will become a place where dynamic, restful living begins.

By the time you add those final thoughtful touches, you may want to move in yourself.


  Creating a beautiful kitchen is an excellent way to make your home warm and welcoming. For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the place they enjoy cooking, baking, making coffee, and getting midnight snacks. It’s essential to make this space inviting, cozy, and full...

10 Beautiful Kitchen Décor Ideas You Need To Do Right Now


Creating a beautiful kitchen is an excellent way to make your home warm and welcoming. For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the place they enjoy cooking, baking, making coffee, and getting midnight snacks. It’s essential to make this space inviting, cozy, and full of warmth.

The décor you choose for your kitchen is important. It’s essential to know which colors to include, what textures and materials to use, and where to display your high-quality cookware and fine China. It’s also helpful to know how to use patterns and different hues to complement your kitchen.  

Our comprehensive guide on kitchen décor can help you figure out how to decorate your kitchen without needing to do a full remodel.

Continue reading below for some kitchen décor inspiration:


Incorporating pops of color throughout your kitchen is a great place to start. No matter what theme or look you’re going for, start by choosing your accent color and incorporating these in your kitchen décor.

The general rule of thumb is to use neutrals as a base and accent colors throughout your décor. This helps you avoid colors that are too overpowering or saturated. This also helps keep areas bright. Consider lighter neutral tones on the walls or the tile backsplash and darker pops in the decorations.

There are many ways you can add pops of color to your kitchen décor. Our Etched Stemless Wine Glass is available in a beautiful aqua color and a darker French blue. You can display these wine glasses on open shelves, countertops, or your at-home bar area, complete with vintage stools.

The hand-etched design creates a pop of color and texture. Sip your favorite wine or iced beverage from this handcrafted cup in style.


You can also incorporate statement pillows into your kitchen décor. A statement pillow is a pillow that has a pop of color and a beautiful pattern on it. You can choose whatever color or pattern you like, as well as texture.

These are designed to stand out from your other kitchen décor, so don’t be afraid to go bold. Plus, one of the benefits of using statement pillows is that they’re easy to reuse anywhere in your home.

Our Tenango Embroidered Pillow covers are available in a range of colors. These include lavender, pink, hot pink, red, yellow, coral, green, mint, turquoise, blue, magenta, gray, and white. Each pillow is handmade in Mexico and supports women in Hidalgo.

Wondering where to include a pillow in your kitchen? Start with a farmhouse bench or window seat. If you have a cushioned bench area or cushioned bistro chairs, use pillows to brighten the space and add color.

Have a back porch you can access from the kitchen? Add a pillow or two to your patio furniture for a unique dash of charm.



Wood tones are a beautiful, creative way to complement your kitchen. Wood tones offer a warm feel and fascinating dimensions to your kitchen. This trend especially complements white kitchens or kitchens with cooler color stories.

There are tons of ways to incorporate wood tones into your kitchen décor. Start by looking at fixtures like wooden serving trays. You can use these to display baked goods, bread, snacks, and appetizers or make them centerpieces for your dining room table.

You can also take a look at our Acacia Wood Heart Bowls. Each bowl is handmade in the Philippines by dedicated local artisans. You can display candies, baked goods, or fruit or use this bowl to hold tea bags or hot cocoa packets. Alternate out these items for Valentine's Day or your anniversary, or keep them out all year long.


One of the more popular trends in kitchen décor is open shelving. Open shelf displays are ways to store your regular cups, plates, and kitchenware without the cabinet doors. Typically, these displays are made of floating shelves, and extra decorations are added. This can include plants, baskets, and picture frames.

If you’re considering adding an open shelf display to your kitchen, there are a few things to note:

First, it can be helpful to use both an open shelf technique and have regular cabinetry that closes. This way, you can still stash your holiday-themed napkins away and keep your summer plates on display. This also relieves the pressure of always having organized shelving.

Open shelving is a unique addition to kitchen décor. You can complement these shelves in many ways and store a variety of items on them. Get creative with it, and don’t be afraid to add greenery to your shelves.


If you’re wondering what direction to go in as far as the tone for your kitchen décor, warm and neutral is an excellent choice. Creating a neutral foundation for your kitchen décor is important. This way, you can change up your accent colors without changing the kitchen basics.

Using woven items in beige and tan tones is a great place to lay a neutral, warm foundation. Our Banana Bark Placemat is a beautiful piece of kitchen décor for your dining table. It’s made from banana bark, which is environmentally conscious and sustainably sourced.

Each purchase helps your kitchen look warm and beautiful and supports artisans in India.



Another unique way to use kitchen décor to spice up your home is to look for color-organized dishware. We offer a range of patterns and color options to help you spice up your cups, plates, bowls, and more.

Our Moroccan Ceramic Cup in our Blush Stripe Pattern is a beautiful, handmade ceramic made by artisans in Morocco. This exquisite piece of ceramic ware is a fun addition to your kitchen décor. Sip your favorite beverage from it, or use it as a holder for utensils. Get a set of four or mix and match with different patterns and color options.


A bolder look for kitchen décor is pattern mixing. You may have been taught growing up never to mix patterns. However, you can create a beautiful kitchen décor with a bold, mixed pattern look with a few key principles.

When mixing patterns in your home or kitchen, use similar colors. While the prints and patterns themselves can be different, it’s important to use colors that match well with each other. It’s also important to only use a few patterns when mixing. Too many can be too busy for the eyes. Lastly, it may take some DIY trial and error before you find a pattern mixing style you like.

Knowing which pieces to use when mixing patterns is important. Our Block Print Floral Tablecloth is an excellent place to start when pattern mixing. Lay it over your table and add other patterned dinnerware or decorations to complement it. This tablecloth pairs excellently with hand-etched glassware and hand-painted ceramic plates.

Each purchase of this table linen supports artisans in India who handcraft each tablecloth on hand-operated looms. They have access to training and earn a sustainable income. These beautiful textiles are a great piece to use in your kitchen to give to a loved one.


An easy way to spice up your kitchen décor is with woven basket storage. Woven pieces provide neutral tones, warm colors, and a beautiful texture to your home. They’re versatile and can be used to hold fruit, spices, napkins, and anything else you can think of.

In addition to the beauty woven baskets provide to your kitchen, there are benefits to decluttering your counter space, particularly in a small kitchen. Research demonstrates that having an organized space benefits mental health and psychological wellness.

Our Colorblock Sisal Basket in White is a staple piece for your home. Made with sisal and natural dyes by artisans in Kenya, this piece will do wonders for your kitchen. Use one of these as a place to store your placemats or a planter for your favorite indoor plants.


Even if your overall kitchen décor is on the brighter side, having dark hues can complement these tones. The same concept goes for salty and sweet or the sun and the sand. Light decorations pair excellently with dark accents.

Adding dark hues into your kitchen décor is easy. Simply use our Black Ceramic Tray to serve food on, display, or use as a centerpiece for your dining table.  


Stone accents are another great idea for spicing up your kitchen décor. Our Heart Marble Coaster in White is a unique addition to your dining table or lounge area. Display these hand-carved, chic coasters in your home.  


The kitchen is a space you likely spend a lot of time in, so investing in your décor is essential. It’s a fun way to express yourself throughout your home. It also helps your guests feel welcome and at ease. Use the tips in this guide to spice up your kitchen décor and transform this space into one you love.

  If you’re throwing a dinner party, welcoming friends and family into your home, preparing a meal for the holidays, or just making finger foods for a birthday celebration or get-together, a properly set table can set the whole mood for the affair. Whether you host meals in your home...

How To Set a Table: Casually, Formally, and More


If you’re throwing a dinner party, welcoming friends and family into your home, preparing a meal for the holidays, or just making finger foods for a birthday celebration or get-together, a properly set table can set the whole mood for the affair.

Whether you host meals in your home often or are preparing to set a table for the first time, this guide breaks down everything you need to know about how to put together a lovely table.

Read on to learn the various occasions and how to set a theme.



Depending on the occasion, you may be wondering why you need a proper table setting in the first place. Having a well-decorated table is one of just many ways to show your guests that you prioritize their comfort and experience in your home.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of investing in a stunning table setting.


If you’re throwing a dinner, the meal itself is the most important aspect, but the table décor takes a close second. Here’s why: Knowing how to set up a table for your meal enhances the experience for your guests. While having a delicious meal is essential, having beautiful silverware and dishes takes your meal to a whole new level.

Enhance the experience for your guests by choosing table essentials and kitchenware that complement the theme of the evening and the meal itself. If you’re having a fun barbeque with sandwiches and salads, choose light and beachy items. This event can call for light ceramic colors and woven tones.

Consider darker tones and metal accents if you’re serving a more formal meal like meat, potatoes, and freshly steamed vegetables or seafood pasta. This will enhance the eating experience for your friends and family, illuminating their meal with dramatic décor.


Your table design is the first impression your guests receive for how the meal and the rest of the evening are going to go. Depending on what kind of occasion and event you’re throwing and what kind of meal you’re preparing, the table sets the tone.

The theme of your table also helps develop an atmosphere for how your guests should feel. If you want to create a warm feeling, having warm, earthy tones and texture in your place settings and positioning them close together will create a casual, intimate affair. Your table décor choices can help determine the tone of the meal, evening, and conversation.  


Taking the time and effort to learn how to prepare a table and then choosing the perfect place settings for the evening shows your friends and family that you care. You care about their experience, about how they feel, and about making them feel welcome and at home. You care about serving them and showing them a good time.

If you’re welcoming friends from out of town, throwing a holiday celebration, or hosting your extended family over the holidays, setting your table is one of the best ways to show that you care.


Having an artful table layout also helps accent your food. Depending on the theme, colors, and flavors in your food, having the perfect table settings can make a big difference.

If you’re not sure what meals go with which settings, think about how certain meals make you feel; eating burgers feels different than dining on caviar. Try to use your table décor to accent the food you’re serving.


There are so many options when it comes to creating a perfectly designed table. Below are our top recommendations for how to set a table:



When it comes to everyday meals for you and your family to enjoy, you don’t always have to pull out all the stops. This is where a simple tablescape comes in handy.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the space practical, comfortable, and simple:

First, you need the right Dinnerware Plates. Choose from Ceramic Plates with various textures and designs and Wooden Plates. If you're serving noodles, salads, or soups, consider using Bowls. Stunning Bowls can be made from glass, ceramic, and wooden tones. Keep in mind that some meals will call for specific dinnerware like salad plates, salad bowls, and soup bowls.

Next, you need silverware. Be sure to procure all the silverware you’ll need for any occasion. Silverware has multitudes of choices and uses. You might need a dinner fork, salad fork, dessert fork, spoon, butter knife, fish knife, an oyster fork, dinner knife, dessert spoon, soup spoon, and salad fork for each person.

Helpful tip: The salad fork and the dinner fork go to the left of the plate, and the soup spoon and the knife go to the right of the plate. Place the spoon to the right of the knife with the blade facing the plate.

You’ll also need to have simple, everyday Glassware. Choose from a Bubbled Short Glass, a Tall Glass, or a variety of Short Tumblers. These items support artisans in Mexico, providing livable wages and sustainable income for them and their families.



When it comes to throwing casual meals for friends and family, you can add a little bit of spice while still keeping it minimal. These Serving Utensils are the perfect touch for a casual tablescape.  

If your casual meal with family or friends includes a cocktail hour, consider looking at our Cocktail Glassware. With short stems, longer stems, Shot Glasses, Snifters, Martini Glasses, Margarita Glasses, and Lowball Glasses, you’ll have everything you need to open up the bar for your guests.



Now that we’ve taken a look at how to set a table for casual and basic meals, let’s break down how to decorate a table for formal meals. Throwing a formal meal involves a certain type of table décor. You want to design a formal table setting that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Tablecloths and Runners are a great place to start. These can help make your table seem a bit more formal. With simple linen designs, this adds a formal tone to your meal and is a great place to build on with dining placemats.

Dining placemats are also a key table accessory to help make your space feel decorated and warm. For formal place settings, consider placing each dining essential on handmade Dining Placemats.  



A modern meal is both simple and classic. Aim to keep your color scheme and texture to a minimum with a simple glass theme or ceramic dinnerware. Our collection of handmade Glass from Egypt, Guatemala, Morocco, and Mexico can add a modern, classic touch to your table.  


No matter what kind of meal you’re planning, whether it’s casual, formal, basic, or modern, adding special touches can be fun.

Here are a few ways to add a special touch to your table landscape:



Napkins are a must at any table, but they often go overlooked. Disposable napkins are convenient, but they can look plain and create a lot of extra waste.

Instead, consider handmade Dining Napkins. They’re casual and perfect for a family gathering or backyard barbecue. With a range of fun patterns like stripes and natural tie-dyed linens, these Napkins are eco-conscious and reusable. Fold these in fun designs or use napkin rings and place them on top of each dinner plate or to the left of the dinner plate.


Now that you have the dining table layout, it’s time to add the Wine Glasses. Whether you’re looking for a Red Wine Glass, White Wine Glasses, a Champagne Glass, or Glasses for another drink of your choice, consider beautiful handmade Glassware.

Each hand-blown Glass supports artisans across the globe, like artisans in Cantel, Guatemala. Through their dedication to their craft, they earn livable wages, health insurance, and sustainable income.

You can also chill your bottle of champagne with our handmade Ice Bucket. This is a great way to enhance your décor or even take date night from a casual dinner and turn it into a fancy meal.


Lastly, creating a captivating centerpiece can add a special touch to your table. Consider using one of our handmade Vases and creating a flower arrangement for the center of your table. These are not only lovely, but they can also be reused elsewhere in your home throughout the year.


When you’re setting a table, there are a few important things to remember. Choose the place settings that feel the most welcoming and warm to you and your personality.

While matching the theme of the night and the environment of your meal is nice, it’s also essential that you enjoy your kitchen and table decorations. At The Little Market, we want to help you express yourself and your individual style.

It’s also important to remember to enjoy your company! Once your table is set and you serve the food, relax. Eat with your guests. Laugh and tell stories with one another. There’s a place at the table for everyone, so enjoy your company and let the place settings work for themselves.

From doing our regular grocery store pickup each week to browsing during the holidays for gifts, shopping is a regular activity for us. These errands are a great way to bond with family and friends and enjoy your free time. However, did you know you can make a positive environmental...

Reusable Shopping Bags: An Eco-Conscious Guide

From doing our regular grocery store pickup each week to browsing during the holidays for gifts, shopping is a regular activity for us. These errands are a great way to bond with family and friends and enjoy your free time. However, did you know you can make a positive environmental impact while you shop?

In most cases, when you buy something from a store, it’s placed in a shopping bag. Depending on the type of product you buy, this bag may be paper or plastic. Paper and plastic bags offer convenience at first but have a negative impact on the planet.

So, how can you support the environment through how you shop? Reusable shopping bags are an excellent place to start. This guide examines how reusable shopping bags support environmental health and how you can take a step to help the planet.



When choosing between different styles of shopping bags, there are a few important factors to take into account.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should consider when buying a shopping bag.  


Another thing to consider when choosing the best kind of shopping bag is its lifecycle. In other words, take a look at the bulk of materials used to make bags, how these are collected and processed, how the bags are made, and their end of life.

For example, the lifecycle of paper bags looks different than that of canvas or jute bags. Paper bags require water, fuel, trees, and a lot of effort, whereas some fabric tote bags don’t rely on nonrenewable resources and save on water.

The lifecycle includes production, transport, use, and recycling. A shopping bag's lifecycle is a large influence on the economic impact of that bag. From when the assembling of the seams to placing the set of bags in your shopping cart to bringing them home, these items last longer than we often consider at the checkout counter.



One of the most critical factors to consider when buying a shopping bag is its environmental impact.

Plastic shopping bags, commonly associated with supermarkets, are lightweight and compact but can do plenty of damage. All in all, plastic bags have the worst environmental impact. They are made with nonrenewable resources and clutter up our landfills. They also can drift into the ocean and may look like a pod of jellyfish to sea turtles looking for a meal.



Various shopping bag materials also have different recycling outcomes. When it comes to choosing the best shopping bag, it's important to look at how your shopping bag can be recycled.

Even if a material is sustainably sourced, it doesn’t mean it’s recyclable or efficient to recycle. Some materials cost a lot of money, resources, and effort to recycle. Even after all of this, some parts of the bag may still end up in landfills. It’s important to make sure the bags you buy are 100% recyclable.


There are many different types of reusable shopping bags available, so it can be difficult to choose. One of the most important factors to look for when choosing a shopping bag is what it’s made of. There are three common shopping bag materials to choose from. These include plastic, paper, and fabric.

Let’s look at the differences between plastic, paper, and fabric shopping bags.



Plastic shopping bags are the least eco-conscious choice for reusable bags. They fill up landfills, clog bodies of water, and harm animals and wildlife. In addition to the immediate harm of plastic shopping bags, they can also do long-term damage.

Plastic shopping bags take years to decades to decompose. Even when they’ve finally decomposed, they release toxins and chemical substances back into the soil. This harms the Earth and contributes to air pollution.

It’s common for animals to get tangled in plastic bags, try to eat them, or ingest plastic’s harmful chemicals. Plastic bags harm animals, humans, and the planet and can release carcinogens and toxins back into the environment.

Plastic bag build-up also contributes to stormwater management obstruction. A very low rate of plastic bags is recycled. This leads to build-up and makes it difficult for sewers and drainage systems to work in an effective way.


Paper shopping bags are another popular reusable option. While they’re a large step in the right direction, they still present a few problems. First, producing paper bags requires a lot of water, trees, and fuel to create. These resources should be used carefully on essentials.

Paper bags are not durable and tear easily, especially the handle when these bags are used to transport heavy loads of food items or weighty products like glass bottles. This reduces how often they can be reused.

In order for them to be considered environmentally conscious, you must use a paper bag at least 43 times. Even in this case, some paper materials aren’t completely recyclable.


Fabric shopping bags are the most sustainable option when it comes to shopping bag materials. While paper bags are much better than single-use plastics, they wear down quickly and often can’t be reused more than a few times.


Fabric shopping bags are the most environmentally conscious option. However, within the realm of fabric shopping bags, there are many options to choose from. Which fabrics are best?

Here’s what you need to know:


Durable canvas is one of the best fabric options to look for in reusable shopping bags. Canvas is woven differently than regular cotton we associate with T-shirts. Canvas is designed to support more weight and has a sturdier texture, making it more durable.

You can reuse canvas shopping bags more than regular cotton bags. This allows canvas tote bags to have a smaller environmental impact than other types of fabric. Canvas is also biodegradable, compostable, and reusable for other purposes. They often have simple care instructions and can be washed by hand or by machine.


Jute is a natural crop that’s sustainable, has an incredibly small impact on the environment, and is excellent for reusable shopping bags. When it comes to choosing a material, jute is the most environmentally conscious choice.

Jute is more durable and sustainable than canvas totes and can be used for a variety of other household items too. For instance, you can use jute for clothing, furniture covers, tapestries, or rope. It is also ideal for fashion accessories like a wallet, backpack, or purse.

The advantages to using jute are abundant. To start with, jute is renewable. Because it’s a crop, we can plant more and grow as much as we need. This reduces the need to use nonrenewable sources like fuel to make paper bags. Jute is also compostable and biodegradable.

As a raw material, jute is very affordable and is durable through wear and tear. This fabric is by far the best choice for eco-conscious totes.


Not all fabric shopping bags are made the same. For this reason, it’s essential to know what qualities to look for when choosing eco-conscious shopping totes.

There are three important qualities to look for. These include shopping bags that are handmade, materials that are sustainably sourced, and organizations that give to charitable causes.


There are many benefits to choosing handmade items over mass-produced items. First, handmade items support individual artisans earning dignified, living wages.

Handmade items also pay closer attention to detail and often use reusable, renewable, and recyclable materials.



The materials used to make a shopping tote determine how environmentally conscious it is. So, finding sustainably sourced materials is key. When you source materials sustainably, you choose materials that have a low impact on the environment throughout their whole lifecycle.  



It’s also important to examine the retailers you’re purchasing your shopping tote from. Organizations that support charitable causes, artisans, and sustainability are excellent places to buy from.

Here at The Little Market, our mission is to support artisans across the globe. All of our items are handcrafted, sustainably sourced, and support those in need. From helping women across the globe receive fair wages and job skills training to supporting artisans in underprivileged communities, there are many ways our organization helps others.  


Now that we’ve discussed how to find the best reusable shopping bags on the market, it’s important to know where you can get them. There are tons of reusable shopping bags available. They are made with canvas and jute materials that are sustainably sourced.

Each purchase of a shopping tote supports women in Bangladesh to earn fair wages, skill training, and safety while working in rural communities. Grab a shopping tote for yourself or give one as a gift for the holidays! Our reusable shopping bags are an excellent way to support the environment and carry everything you need.

  While there have been amazing steps to overcoming inequalities in the workplace and public life for women, gender inequality is still present. Even in the United States, there are still barriers to women's equal access to opportunities. From a local level all the way to global, we have a...

8 Ways To Empower Women and Support Small Businesses 2022


While there have been amazing steps to overcoming inequalities in the workplace and public life for women, gender inequality is still present. Even in the United States, there are still barriers to women's equal access to opportunities.

From a local level all the way to global, we have a world of work to do.

There are many forms of discrimination women face every day due to just their gender alone (not to mention other factors). Many women receive unequal pay, have difficulty accessing education, and face obstacles in obtaining reproductive healthcare.

The empowerment of women is part of our world vision for a stronger and more successful society. No matter how you identify, lifting up all women and feminine-presenting individuals helps the world as a whole.


Let’s take a look at what it really means to empower women.  

In essence, empowering women gives all women the rights they deserve. This includes the right to education and literacy, universal access to political and economic spheres, the right to safety, and the right to earn equal pay.

Discrimination against women has been a constant throughout global history. Entire systems have been constructed that hinder their rights and success. Collaboration among local community members, small businesses, and world leaders can help level the playing field.



Big changes first start with small steps. So, how can you empower women?

There are a variety of ways:


One of the primary ways to empower women is to address systemic poverty. Discriminatory laws set against women’s rights can make it almost impossible for women to secure economic empowerment for themselves and future generations.  

By supporting small businesses, you can help empower women.

Here’s what to look for:

First, look for small businesses that are women-owned. While shopping, look for businesses with women in leadership roles that carry the products or services you need.

You can also look for organizations that specifically pair with underprivileged women across the globe, which is what drives us here at The Little Market. Each purchase supports artisans from all across the globe including the United States, Kenya, Bolivia, India, South Africa, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Our products support community initiatives to provide access to education, fair wages, safety, health insurance, and skills training.

Shopping at women-owned businesses creates a positive ripple effect all through the supply chain and labor market.


Another way you can help empower women is to donate your time. Look for programs serving underprivileged communities asking for volunteers. Helping those around you who need it is an excellent way to empower women and help break the cycle of poverty.

There are many other ways you can donate your time as well. For instance, use your time to inform yourself on how you can help empower women. Read up on current events. Use your platform to speak out when you can.


Women may not always have access to help. One way you can help empower women is to become a mentor for another woman. You can offer encouragement, advice, stories of your failures and successes, honesty, and help.  

Representation matters. The more younger generations see women working in fields like STEM or women leading others, the more likely they are to follow their dreams.



Those who are in high-level corporate leadership roles or successful and passionate in their careers and lives can use their platform to bring other women up. Using your networking skills with intention can help secure economic resources for women who might otherwise have difficulty accessing them.


Access to education is critical to social development and professional development.

You can help by providing volunteer tutoring, mentoring, and working with local and global legislators. Another key aspect to helping women succeed academically is to ensure everyone has access to safe and reliable menstrual products.


Making a difference across the globe may feel overwhelming and impossible. So, start with the women already in your life, like your mother, sisters, friends, colleagues, boss, neighbors, or people you see on your regular routine throughout the week.

Making an effort to connect with women, encourage them, be kind, share love, and help them is one of the best ways to empower women in your life.


Women in underprivileged countries often lack access to the resources to bring their voices to the global stage. One way you can help these women achieve brighter futures for themselves and for their families is to speak out for them.  

This involves taking a stand against social injustice, discriminatory behavior, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. Speak out with your voice to help lift women’s voices across the world.


New mothers face physical, mental, and societal pressures that are wholly unique. Mothers are called to balance their new lives and self-perception with a sometimes unfriendly world.

Parenthood is a stressful time financially. A great way to help new and young mothers is by providing the means they need to take care of their families comfortably.

For instance, consider our handmade Stuffed Animals made of soft, high-quality materials. Our Parrot Stuffed Animal and our Clown Fish Stuffed Animal are thoughtfully handmade and help empower artisan women in Peru.

Empowering women by supporting new and young mothers is excellent, but these gifts go beyond this. Each purchase helps empower artisan women across the globe, supporting a way for them to make a livelihood, earn fair wages, and achieve sustainable development goals.


It’s no secret that words of kindness and gratitude can be few and far between. Harmful discourse has always existed, but since the creation of the Internet and social media, it’s spread faster than ever.

One of the best ways that you can empower women each day is to choose kindness. See a mother with her children in the store? Share a word of kindness with her and encourage her. See a woman working hard for her financial stability? Choose to encourage her and share gratitude for women like her.

If you’re looking to buy clothing, goods, or services, find a women-owned business and choose to give them your support.  

Words have a far greater impact than we realize. So, take every opportunity you can to tell the women in your life how much you love them and how much you support them!

This is an easy activity for everyone to practice. Whether you’re a husband, boyfriend, son, daughter, wife, girlfriend, or friend, seek out the women in your life and be intentional about how you support them.


Another excellent way to empower women across the globe is to celebrate what it means to be a woman. It’s no secret that women encounter a lot of obstacles in life. From lower wages and lack of gender equality to judgment and pressure, there are many societal norms and standards about what being a woman means that harm women.

To counteract this harm, speak out and celebrate what it means to identify as a woman. Share your experiences, hardships, successes, and joys. Share what you love about being a woman and how being a woman makes you stronger than you could have imagined.

Use your voice and speak out to demonstrate the power, wisdom, and strength that comes with womanhood.  


Gender equality is a critical human right. It’s also important for supporting women across the globe. Without gender equality, girls are forced to marry young, aren't allowed to receive education, and are mistreated. Raising awareness about gender equality is a powerful way to speak up for women’s rights and empower women.


Ignorance is not bliss. Staying informed on current events is one of the most important steps to empowering all people, including all women. This is the first step to taking a stand for social justice and change. By being aware of what’s going on in the world, you can make a difference.  

Information and knowledge are powerful. When we wield it together, we can make change happen.


Empowering women is vital to the health of the economy and the world. So, when you take measures to lift women up, you’re helping so much more.  

Our marketplace is designed to empower women and underprivileged artisans in communities across the globe. By building relationships with artisan and producer groups, we’ve worked to support human rights for those in underserved communities. In other words, each purchase you make helps empower women and change the world.

  When you invite guests over to entertain them, carefully crafted drinks can brighten any party. Plus, having your very own bar helps you save money in the long run. You can make your own mixed drinks from the comfort of your own home and entertain both yourself and your...

Bar Glassware: How To Stock Your Bar


When you invite guests over to entertain them, carefully crafted drinks can brighten any party. Plus, having your very own bar helps you save money in the long run. You can make your own mixed drinks from the comfort of your own home and entertain both yourself and your guests at the same time.

To properly entertain your guests with your home bar, it’s critical to know what you need. How do you stock your bar? What bar glassware do you need? What liquor should you stock up on? With so many options, there is a perfect setup for everyone.

This guide breaks down everything you need to know about how to stock your bar, from selecting bar glassware to choosing the perfect selection of drinks.



If this is your first time making your own at-home bar, you may be wondering what makes bar glassware so unique. Why do you need separate bar glassware from your dinner glassware?

There is something special about having bar glassware ready for your drinks, not to mention they're practical and designed for specific categories of drinks.

The glassware world is complex. In fact, it’s almost as complex as the alcohol world itself. Serving wine, beer, and mixed drinks in a glass is the correct way to serve alcohol. There’s something about receiving your drink in a pre-poured, high-quality glass that sets the tone for a refined but enjoyable evening.

Having bar glassware elevates your home bar and takes it to the next level. Your bar glassware needs will change depending on what kinds of drinks you want to serve at your home bar.

For instance, if you only want to serve simple wine, beer, and a few mixed drinks, you won’t need as many containers. If you want to serve a variety of shots, cocktails, and more, you may need a larger variety.



The best way to decide what glassware for you to stock up on for your home bar is to start with simple glasses and work your way up.

So, what kinds of bar glassware are absolutely essential for your at-home bar? What are the bar glassware must-haves?

Let’s take a look at cocktail glasses, beer glasses, flutes, collins glasses, pilsner glasses, champagne glasses, snifters, primary glass sizes, and more to get started.


Cocktail glasses are a staple in a home bar. From serving piña coladas, mojitos, and martinis to cosmopolitans and old-fashioned cocktails, this is a must-have glassware piece for your bar.  

Our Hand-blown Cocktail Glass makes the perfect addition to your bar. Serve drinks in style with handmade, high-quality glassware that is made from recycled glass, and enjoy sipping classic drinks from timeless-looking glasses. Each glass holds up to 20 ounces of liquid in your favorite drink.

Every piece is handmade in Cantel, Guatemala by artisans working in a safe environment that supports livable wages and financial security. This work not only offers fair pay, but it also provides access to health insurance, job training, and life-changing educational opportunities.


Another essential piece of bar glassware that belongs in your home bar is a snifter. A snifter is most commonly used for brandy and similar drinks. Its short-stemmed design allows for the hand to warm the drink while the aromas become trapped in the wide bowl of the glass. Snifters are shaped to have a wide bottom and tapered top with a short stem.

Use snifters to hold aromatic drinks like brandy, ales, including Belgian ales and India pale ales, wheat wines, and other drinks like cognac.

Looking for the perfect snifter addition to your home bar? Look no further than our Bubbled Glass Snifter in Clear. This piece is handmade in Egypt from locally sourced, recycled glass. Each purchase empowers artisans living in underprivileged parts of Egypt to earn a sustainable income and access a creative outlet in safety.

Whether you or your guests love spirits and want to sip on aromatic beverages in beautiful glassware, there’s no better way to do it. Enjoy the unique, one-of-a-kind texture and design as well as the beautiful glass bubbling.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas or holiday gifts for your friends and family, you can purchase a snifter by itself or in a set of four. Add this to your wishlist or a registry, or gift it to a friend today.



When you’re hosting a party or celebration, sometimes shots are a great way to truly enjoy the night. Shot glasses typically hold around two ounces of your liquor of choice.

Shot glasses are multiuse tools in the bar world. They’re essential glassware for your guests to drink from, and you can repurpose them as measuring cups for mixed drinks or cocktails. With two ounces of drink to hold, this is an excellent way to measure liquor.

Our Etched Shot Glass is a beautiful way to enjoy your evening at home. With etched flowers, leaves, and a whimsical, enchanting texture, this Hand-Blown Shot Glass is made with recycled glass and supports artisans in Mexico.

Available in clear, aqua, and French blue colors, this timeless Glassware helps complete any home bar.


Enjoy the same beautiful design in our Etched Short Glass with Clear Flowers. Also available in shades of aqua and French blue, this piece of Glassware is a must-have to hold any drink you enjoy, alcoholic or not. Elevating even a casual snack on the patio with these Glasses can add a touch of elegance and joy to any meal.

This is also an excellent Glass to use for the drinks you like to enjoy at the dinner table, with your family, or by yourself. Sip on your morning iced coffee or evening iced tea in style. These Glasses support artisans in Mexico with fair wages and a sustainable income.


When it comes to stocking your own at-home bar, it’s vital to have the best margarita glasses. Margaritas are an excellent drink to enjoy during girls’ night, dinner with friends, game night, or any celebration.

The classic margarita calls for a dash of liquor. However, if your guests prefer not to drink, you can serve delicious alcohol-free margaritas in these glasses as well.

Consider our Etched Margarita Glass available in aqua and French blue as well as the classic clear color. Each piece is handcrafted with flower and leaf designs for texture and dimension. Serve margaritas on the rocks, blended, salt, or sugar, and give your guests an experience they won’t forget.


When you’re considering building your very own at-home bar, it’s essential to know what drinks and bar glassware you need to make your bar the perfect party destination. The basics of bar glassware include shot glasses, red wine glasses, white wine glasses, short and tall glasses, and cocktail glassware. However, there are many different types of glasses beyond just the essentials.

It’s also important to consider what drinks you enjoy the most. Which drinks do you sip on most often? What drinks are your favorite? What kind of glasses should you use for your favorite drinks?

Read on to find out.


For all the whiskey lovers in your life, it’s important to have whiskey glasses available in your home bar. What glasses should you use for whiskey? There are a few options.

Let’s take a closer look below.

There are many whiskey glasses to choose from that complement different types of whiskeys. The shape is designed to enhance the drinking and nosing of whiskey, so you can enjoy aromatic drinks. Whether you’re serving drinks to your guests or just enjoying your favorite kind of whiskey by yourself, having the proper glass can make a big difference.

Here’s what you need to know:

A tulip-shaped glass is excellent for single malt whiskey.

The Glencairn glass is short and solid and excellent for swirling whiskey.

A whiskey tumbler or lowball glass is great for whiskeys you don’t need to nose.

Highball glasses are excellent for scotch and sodas or Irish coffees.

Snifters are great for aromatic whiskeys.

A neat whiskey glass has a wide rim and is an excellent way to enjoy whiskeys with harsh vapors.




When it comes to vodka, whether you’re serving it to your guests or enjoying it by yourself, you’ll want to use a tumbler glass. This allows guests to pour the exact quantity of vodka they desire. You can also use other glasses, like shot glasses or martini glasses, to sip on vodka.


Drinks with tequila are savory and delicious, so if you’re looking to find the perfect bar glassware for tequila drinks, here is what you need to know.

A tulip glass is best for savoring tequila. This is because the shape allows the aroma to build inside the glass. You can also use shot glasses to enjoy tequila and choose from various shapes and sizes. To spice up your shots, use pink Himalayan salt glasses and save yourself from salting the rim.


Both snifters and tulip-shaped glasses are excellent options when it comes to rum drinks. You can also use a highball glass to serve rum in, especially if you’re making a mixed drink with rum like a rum with a cola.



If you love a gin and tonic, an old fashioned, a gin fizz, Tom Collins, or cocktails with gin in them, you need to know what glassware to serve gin with. Copa glasses, or balloon glasses, work really well for gin drinks. Lowball glasses and highball glasses also work excellently for serving and enjoying gin.



Stocking your home bar involves finding the perfect, classy bar glassware for you and your guests to enjoy. After all, your glassware is the first impression for your bar. Before your guests even taste the drinks you make, they encounter the glasses, hold them, and examine them. From an elegant get-together to a fun party, glassware matters.

However, there are also a few other essentials you need to stock your home bar up with. You’ll need to have the perfect variety of liquors, mixers, cocktail ingredients, and other tools that will level up your bar.

Here’s everything else you’ll need to have in your home bar:


Now that you’ve picked out the bar glassware you want for your home bar, it’s time to choose the variety of liquors to stock it with. There are a few basic types of liquor every bar needs.

First, you’ll need vodka. This liquor is versatile, makes for excellent cocktails, and is a home bar classic. You’ll also need to stock up on gin, which is a staple spirit used in many different types of cocktails, like the classic gin and tonic.

Whiskey is another essential for your personal bar. From serving your guests Manhattans and old fashioneds, this is a necessity. Plus, many enjoy whiskey all by itself. In addition to whiskey, consider adding rum to your stock.

Tequila and mezcal are two spirits based on agave and perfect for classic margaritas and more. Be sure to have this in stock in your bar. In addition to this, keep brandy, cognac, bitters, and classic beers and wines available.


In addition to liquors and drinks, you’ll need some essential mixers and cocktail ingredients.

Here’s what to grab:

Dark colas

Ginger ale

Tonic water

Lemons, limes, and other sours

Dry vermouth

Club soda




No matter what types of glasses you have stocked in your home, you can level up your drinking experience with an ice bucket. Set out fresh ice so your guests can make drinks on the rocks or keep your bottle of wine cool in a beautiful glassware piece.

Our Etched Ice Bucket is the perfect way to make a casual date night turn into a five-star experience. Plus, the beautiful flower and leaf designs are perfect for any season. Whether you’re planning a winter, spring, summer, or fall celebration with the ones you love, put it on ice.

Each purchase supports artisans at a social enterprise in Mexico that gives them a safe space to express their creativity, craft what they love, and earn fair, livable wages.

Elevate your at-home bar with this stunning Glassware piece and throw a party like no other.




If you’re planning on making any mixed drinks or cocktails, you’ll need to have a cocktail shaker. This is what helps chill drinks and mix them before pouring them into the bar glassware you’ll end up serving to your guests. You don’t have to be a professional bartender to use a cocktail shaker well.

Here’s a basic rundown of what you need to know:

First, you can use the tumbler side of the mixer as a mixing cup or glass to make stirred drinks. How do you know when to mix and when to shake cocktails? You’ll want to shake your cocktails when you have ingredients like juice, alcohol, dairy, eggs, or cream.

In other cases, when your cocktail only has spirits like gin, vodka, vermouth, or whiskey, you can simply stir them. This is similar for drinks with sparkling ingredients.

To use your cocktail shaker properly, you’ll need a measuring device. While your two-ounce shot glass is a great backup, you’ll want a proper jigger. This has two sides that measure ½ ounces, single ounces, and more. After you’ve made a few cocktails, you’ll get familiar with measurements, and using a jigger will be second nature.

A cocktail shaker helps elevate even the most novice at-home bartender into a professional at their craft.



Having your own bar at home is a great way to entertain friends and family, as well as save money. This guide breaks down what bar glassware to consider as well as everything else you need to make your home bar the go-to place in town.

Choose your favorite Bar Glassware pieces to support artisans all across the globe and serve your guests beverages in glasses that delight and inspire. Plus, with classic designs and a timeless theme, this glassware will last you years to come. Pull out your favorite pieces during the holidays, for parties and birthdays, or for social occasions and practice making your favorite cocktails!  


Serving tray sets are an excellent way to tie in your kitchen table décor and elevate the dinners, lunches, and appetizers you serve. Whether you’re getting ready for a family dinner or a birthday or just want to add a bit of spice and flavor to your meals, a serving...

Serving Tray Sets: A Brief Overview

Serving tray sets are an excellent way to tie in your kitchen table décor and elevate the dinners, lunches, and appetizers you serve. Whether you’re getting ready for a family dinner or a birthday or just want to add a bit of spice and flavor to your meals, a serving tray set makes a difference.

There are many different serving tray styles, options, and themes to choose from. For instance, there are modern serving platters, rustic serving platters, and timeless ceramic serving platters that never seem to go out of style.




How can you find the best serving trays? Look no further than our collection of high-quality, handcrafted Serveware Sets.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to find the best serving trays for your table:


A serving tray set is a wonderful way to treat family and friends to a beautiful meal at the dinner table. There are many ways you can use a serving tray set. First, you can set the trays directly on the table for easy access to foods, appetizers, sides, or main dishes.

You can also use serving tray sets to bring food to guests personally. If you’re hosting a party with friends, employees, or family members, a serving tray with handles allows you to bring appetizers and finger foods around to your guests while they mingle.

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, a serving tray helps level up your kitchen serveware. Not only does a serving tray set include matching pieces that tie in the look of your décor, but it helps to complement the theme of your event or party as well. They can add texture, dimension, color, and pattern to your spread.


When you think of serving trays by themselves, you likely think of a simple platter that sits on your dining room table. However, a serving tray set includes so much more.

Here are the items your serving tray set should include:




Salad bowls are one of the most important parts of your serving tray set. The salad is the starter for your meal — the first taste your guests get of the dinner you’ve planned. From fruity summer salads to salads with Italian dressing and spices, delight your guests with the presentation by using a beautiful handcrafted Salad Bowl.

Our Acacia Wood Salad Bowl adds a beautiful wooden tone to your meal and is an excellent way to add earthy tones that complement the mixture of greenery. Choose from our Extra Large Bowl or our Rounded Salad Bowl for easy mixing.

Each purchase of our Acacia Wood Salad Bowl supports artisans who live in the Philippines. These artisans work at an organization that provides safe employment options, financial security, livable wages, and community as well as a way to express creativity while accessing job training.

We also carry a variety of handcrafted Ceramic Salad Bowls. Choose from a range of patterns, colors, designs, and textures.

Our Blush Ceramic Salad Bowl is handmade by artisans in Morocco and is the perfect container for fresh greens from your garden. For a timeless look, consider our Ceramic Salad Bowl in White.



A serving tray set should also include a variety of woven bowls, which adds a warm texture to your kitchen décor. Our Woven Bowls come in lighter colors and darker colors as well as a range of patterns and shapes.

The best way to use a woven bowl to serve or display food is to use a linen cloth on the bottom. You can use this for charcuterie, appetizers, snacks, and more. Get creative and enjoy the woven dimension these pieces add to your table.


Ceramic Trays should also be included in your collection of serving trays. Ceramic trays add a cool, inviting feel as well as brightness to your table spread. Our collection comes in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Choose from gray stripes, black floral patterns, a blush stripe, or a classic white color or mix and match different color schemes.

Larger serving trays can be used for an appetizer spread or food while smaller trays can be used for displaying jewelry, trinkets, and more. These ceramic pieces are handmade in Morocco, and each purchase empowers the artisans with fair wages while preserving techniques that have been passed down through generations.


In addition to ceramic trays, woven bowls, and salad bowls, the most essential item in any serving tray set is the Serving Trays themselves. There are a number of different types of serving trays. For instance, woven trays add eye-catching dimensions as well as a beachy, light feel.

Our Oval Woven Serving Tray is perfect for breakfast items like bagels, muffins, doughnuts, or fruit as well as dessert items like cookies or breads. Each purchase of our Woven Trays empowers women weavers in Tanzania.


Lastly, you’ll need the perfect utensils to use for serving and eating the delicious food items you’ve prepared. With salad servers, large serving forks and spoons, miniature spice spoons, measuring teaspoons, coffee scoopers, heart-shaped spoons, and wooden spatula sets, we have everything you need to find the perfect handmade Utensils for your meal.

Each purchase of a handmade Serving Utensil helps support the wood carvers and artisans in Kenya, supporting them with livable wages and a sustainable income.


Having the perfect serving tray sets can take your get-together to a whole new level. Use your serving trays to serve food directly to guests who are mingling, display food on the counters or coffee table, or even keep food directly on the table for easy access during dinner.

When can you use your serving trays? The answer is simple: whenever you want.

Here are a few occasions you may want to consider using your serving trays:



When you host a dinner party or bring food to a dinner party, there can be a lot of pressure. Not only does your dish have to impress, but the presentation needs to be perfect. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or bringing a dish for a holiday dinner event or family gathering, you need the perfect serving trays to display your food.

You can also use your serving trays to display cocktails during cocktail hour. Pull out your favorite glassware and make your favorite martinis, margaritas, or mixed beverages and display them on a beautiful wooden tray with handles to pass around to guests and enjoy yourself.

If you’re displaying cheese, breads, hors d'oeuvres, and appetizers on a serving tray, this allows the dinner party guests to grab their own food when they’re hungry. You can also serve fruit, finger sandwiches, vegetables, breads, and more from a serving tray. Consider bringing a serving tray to the next dinner party you attend to level up your dish and impress your friends and family.



Are you hosting a more casual gathering at your place? Your serving trays are an excellent way to keep it casual.

Here’s why:

Fancier get-togethers often have a precise method for how you can get food. Whether the dishes are lined up in a specific order or there are people bringing food to you, you may not be able to just grab food when you want to. However, at a casual gathering, you can.

Whether the casual gathering you’re hosting is a game night, a birthday party, or a book club meeting, it won’t be complete without snacks. Set your serving trays on the counter or around the room to allow your guests the opportunity to grab food whenever they like.

This is a great way to keep it casual and relaxed. You can also set bowls, woven baskets, and more around the room with various food items and appetizers inside to keep your guests happy.



Spending time with family is important. It helps you bond together, enjoy fun activities, and learn more about one another. Spending time with family can support mental health, boost self-confidence, and lower the risk of behavioral issues.

One of the best ways to do this is with a movie night. Find your favorite films and gather around the living room to enjoy a fun night with the ones you love. No family movie night is complete without popcorn and snacks, and our Serving Trays and Bowls are an excellent way to share the popcorn. Now, just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching a movie with the ones you love.

Game nights are also an excellent way to connect with those you love. Enjoy snacks displayed on beautiful dishware while you enjoy friendly, healthy competition! 


Having the perfect handmade serving tray sets is one of the best ways to elevate your dinner party, casual gathering, holiday meal, birthday celebration, or movie night. And, if you’re bringing your own dish to someone else, display it on one of our beautiful handmade Serving Trays.

At The Little Market, our Serving Tray Sets help dishes stand out from the crowd while supporting artisans from all across the globe. No matter what kind of party you’re hosting, it won’t be complete without beautiful kitchen décor and serveware items.

  What you put on your body matters. So, when it comes to soap, it’s important to know which is best for your body. If you’re exploring the aisles of the grocery store or local convenience store near you, you likely encounter many mass-produced soaps. It’s no secret that mass-manufactured...

6 Reasons You Should Make the Switch To Small-Batch, Handmade Soap


What you put on your body matters. So, when it comes to soap, it’s important to know which is best for your body. If you’re exploring the aisles of the grocery store or local convenience store near you, you likely encounter many mass-produced soaps.

It’s no secret that mass-manufactured soaps are convenient. In fact, because they’re produced in such large batches, they’re often more accessible and less expensive. However, mass-produced soaps may not be the best option for your skin.

When it comes to the difference between handmade soap and other types of soaps, there are a few distinct qualities that set the handcrafted options apart. If you’re considering making the switch from conventional soaps to handmade soap, this guide is for you.

Let’s take a closer look at the top reasons to make the switch to handmade soap.


What is handmade soap? What’s the difference between handmade soap and conventional soap?

Handmade soaps are soaps made by individual artisans. These soaps are handcrafted as opposed to being mass-produced by machines. Handmade soaps tend to be made in smaller batches, use real ingredients, and avoid harmful chemicals. Handmade soaps are also good for the skin and the body.



You may also hear the term “small-batch soap” when learning about handmade soaps and other handmade bath products. Small-batch soap is simply soap produced in smaller quantities.

There are many benefits to small-batch soap. Soap made in smaller batches receives individual attention from the artisans crafting it. Instead of buying soap that’s run through a machine, you can buy soap made by an attentive person. The time, attention, and detail devoted to the handmade soaps are a significant benefit.


Handmade soap can be made in a few different ways. Three of the most common ways to make handmade soaps are with the melt and pour technique, cold pressing, and hot pressing. Each of these processes has been used for years to perfect the art of soap making. These methods have been passed down through generations, with each new generation honoring the past tradition while adding to the present technique.



The melt and pour method of soap making is just like the name sounds. You begin by melting the soap base, which contains the hydrating product glycerin. Once melted, add other nourishing ingredients to the mixture. This can contain essential oils for fragrance, coconut oil for skin, and much more.

Once you complete your soap mixture, you can pour this into soap molds. Artisans will have handcrafted molds, but if you’re making handmade soap at home, you can use any container you have.

Allow your soap to cool and harden completely before removing it from the mold and packaging it or using it. You can cut your soap molds from here and decorate them however you like.  



Cold processing is another popular method for making handmade soap. Cold processing involves the use of lye, oils, and sodium hydroxide. These ingredients cause a reaction known as saponification, which helps liquefy the soap materials.  

You’ll start by melting lye and mixing this with water. Once this mixture cools completely, you can weigh and prepare the oils and moisturizing butters. Melt these and combine the lye and oils. Add all other ingredients and pour the soap mixture into a mold of your choice. Cover the mold with paper and a towel to keep the heat in.

Wait a few days or until your soap is completely cool and solid. After this, you can slice your soap into the shape you want and let the bars sit in the open air for at least one month before using them.



Hot processing is similar to cold processing, but it uses external heat to liquefy soap, whereas cold processing relies on saponification. In other words, this process is almost exactly the same as cold processing but relies on melting the oils first. Hot processing also doesn’t require a long cure time.


Why make the switch to handmade soap? What makes small-batch, handmade soap such an excellent option? Handmade options are often much better than their mass-produced counterparts for a variety of reasons.

In a broad category, handmade products receive much more attention than products that are mass-produced. What about handmade soap?

The benefits of small-batch soap are numerous, but here are the top reasons why handmade soap is so great:



One of the most significant benefits of handmade, small-batch soap is that it’s real.

Many mass-produced products and soaps are altered in ways that take away their soap-like qualities. For instance, commercial soaps may include artificial or synthetic ingredients that make them less like soap than their handmade counterparts.

The artificial ingredients in mass-produced soaps leave plenty to be desired; there is a reason that creating authentic soap is a highly prized practice.


Another benefit of choosing handmade soap over conventional or commercial soaps is that they’re effective! Handmade soap contains a few key differences in effectiveness compared to commercial soap. First, it’s better for your skin and more moisturizing due to its glycerin content. It also contains real ingredients that tend to be more effective (and kinder) toward skin than artificial ingredients.


Soap not only smell great, but are also gentle on our skin. Depending on what kind of soap you use, you’ll be able to enjoy different fragrances. For instance, our handmade soaps are made with 100% essential oils that not only smell great but are gentle on our skin.

Choose from a variety of fragrances like chamomile, citrus, coconut, lavender, peppermint, rose, and vanilla. Each is made with essential oils and ingredients that are designed for sensitive skin.

When you choose handmade soap, you can feel great and smell great.



It’s critical to understand what’s in a product before you use it. We practice this with food and other products, so why not practice it with our soaps too?

Mass-produced soap can contain hidden ingredients that are harmful to the planet and to the body. These include harsh chemicals, toxins, artificial ingredients, fragrances, parabens, and more. If you have trouble reading and understanding the ingredients in a label, that may be cause for concern.

Handmade soap, on the other hand, doesn’t contain any hidden ingredients. When you buy handmade, you know exactly what you’re getting. And, when you know what you’re getting, you can use handmade soap with peace of mind knowing your body is safe.



Below are a few of the most significant reasons why handmade soap supports your skin:


Many mass-produced soaps undergo a process that removes glycerin from them. Glycerin is an ingredient that helps hydrate and moisturizes the skin. In other words, using commercial soaps may actually dry your skin rather than moisturize it.

Keeping your hands smooth and hydrated is important. Luckily, handmade soaps retain their glycerin content and can help keep your hands smooth, moisturized, and feeling good.


In addition, ceramides and hyaluronic acid are also common ingredients in handmade soaps that can support skin health. Ceramides are epidermal lipids that support the skin barrier’s proper functioning. These compounds are excellent ingredients in skincare products and soaps as they support overall skin health.

Hyaluronic Acid:

Hyaluronic acid is known to help the skin retain moisture and nutrients and even keep the skin looking and feeling youthful and refreshed. Together, the glycerin, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid content of handmade soap make it an excellent skincare option.

Other Helpful Ingredients:

A few other nourishing ingredients found in handmade soaps include the following:

Sorbitol: Known for its hydrating and moisturizing properties for skin, sorbitol is an excellent, safe ingredient in handmade soap.

Vitamin E Oil

Palm Oil

Coconut Oil


Mango Butter

Sodium chloride: This is another beneficial ingredient in handmade soap that promotes exfoliation, naturally preserves soap, and offers hydrating properties.

Not only do most commercial soaps lack these nourishing ingredients, but they can contain harsh chemicals. For example, mass-produced soaps may contain irritating ingredients like fragrance, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, and cocamidopropyl betaine.

These can cause your skin to dry out when washing and lead to irritation.


Finding eco-conscious products is an easy way to support the environment and take care of the planet we live on.

How does handmade soap support environmental health? Natural, handmade soaps have a smaller environmental impact because they are made with natural, clean ingredients, like essential oils, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and glycerin.

Soap washes off the body and reenters the environment. So, the ingredients used ultimately find their way back to the ecosystem. Natural ingredients have a much smaller impact on animals, wildlife, and the environment than harmful chemicals in commercial soaps do. This is an excellent reason to choose handmade soaps over commercial options.


Using handmade soaps is an excellent way to support artisans across the globe, take care of the planet, and take care of your skin. With nourishing ingredients, our soaps are made in small batches and made with attention to detail.

Find a handmade soap today or give handmade soap as a gift this holiday season, like our Peppermint Soap or Vanilla Soap!

Witnessing the seasons change one after the other is one of the most beautiful testaments to the beauty of nature and the willingness of the human spirit to begin again. With new seasons come fresh starts and all the joys that accompany new times of life. Being able to decorate...

Fall Color Palette and Schemes To Celebrate The Season

Witnessing the seasons change one after the other is one of the most beautiful testaments to the beauty of nature and the willingness of the human spirit to begin again. With new seasons come fresh starts and all the joys that accompany new times of life.

Being able to decorate your home to match the seasons is one of these joys. To do this, you need the right color palette. No two tastes are exactly alike.

While you may prefer saturated colors, another may prefer neutrals or pastels. The perfect fall color palette looks different in each home, so don't be afraid to get creative and let your personal style stand out.

This guide explores the best colors for a fall color palette and how you can incorporate these into your space with our home décor pieces.

Continue reading below to learn more.


When you think of fall, what are the first colors that come to mind? If you said orange and red, you’re not alone! Because of how the leaves change from a bright, lively green to a red, yellow, orange, or burgundy color, it’s common to associate these colors with the season of fall altogether.

These colors feel warm and comfortable and like you could cozy up next to them on your couch. These colors remind us of home-cooked meals and apple cider and having friends and family over on the weekends. Decorating your home with these colors during the fall season is one of the best ways to turn a house into a home.

Here are a few décor tips for incorporating these options on your fall color palette into your home:

Consider a Kantha Quilt as the perfect addition to your bed, couch, or sitting area. With a range of designs and color options, you can find various styles that incorporate burnt orange, red, coral, and other warm, earthy tones.  

For less saturated fall color palette options, take a look at our Petite Glass Pitcher in Blush. Use it to serve fresh apple cider or lemonade, or fill it with flowers or greenery. Or simply put it on display on your dining room table, counter, or mantel.

When you purchase our glass pitcher, you support artisans in Morocco who handcraft each piece by carefully molding and painting each piece themselves. Enjoy high-quality pieces that match your fall color palette and make a difference.


Two colors that may also come to mind when you think of a fall color palette are emerald green and cream. Emerald green is rich in beautiful, deep hues that reflect a warm feel. This color is bold yet subtle in its beauty, making it the perfect pair with cream.

Cream has become a popular color, both in home décor and fashion. Cream is neutral enough to match with a variety of colors and helps brighten up spaces in your home and wardrobe. Consider pairing cream with more saturated colors, like emerald or burnt orange and red.

Here’s how you can style these colors in your home:

Find one of our kantha quilts or throws, like our Kantha Quilt. With intricate, hand-sewn patterns made from vintage cotton saris and a Traditional Kantha Stitch, this piece is an excellent addition to your home.

Made by artisan women in Bangladesh, your purchase of this quilt goes directly to supporting people who have survived human trafficking and abuse, one of the largest industries coercing women into forced labor.

When summer fades to autumn, many start keeping their doors open. If you love to welcome people into your home for meals, quality time, or games, consider adding our Textured Stripe Table Runner in Ivory to your home décor.

This beautiful cream piece will help brighten your space, draw your table together, and add warmth and comfort to the hard surface of your table. This product supports artisans in India who create eco-conscious, ethically crafted textiles.


For a more neutral variety of hues, you may also consider using gray, gold, and pumpkin orange for your fall color palette. Choose a lighter gray color to pair with a darker pumpkin orange, or choose a darker gray to pair with a lighter pumpkin orange.

Our Striped Sisal Basket comes in white and gray color options and is a functional way to add texture and dimension to your home décor. Keep your blankets, pillows, towels, kids’ toys, other decorations, and more in this basket.

Finding functional home décor pieces is a practical way to decorate your home without losing valuable places to put your stuff. Cute containers that fall in your fall color palette can turn your décor into storage this autumn.

Take a look at our Ceramic Keepsake Box in Gray. Artisans in Morocco hand-molded the earthenware and lightweight ceramic material to make a delicate, light piece that's ethically produced.

Continuing with the theme of gray and white together, our Gray Blanket with White Pom Poms is the perfect way to snuggle up this fall. Grab your favorite person, book, or snack and enjoy relaxation with this soft, handmade blanket.


Another popular fall color palette includes olive green, moss green, and brass. These colors are smooth, warm, and lively colors that bring freshness to the traditional orange colors associated with fall. To make your home feel more lively, happy, and whimsical, aim for unique designs and patterns.

Our Kantha Quilt is a beautiful blanket to cozy up with. Made in Bangladesh and purchased to support women who are survivors of human trafficking and abuse, this blanket is double-sided, so you get two patterns in one blanket.

Bring the fall color palette to your tableware as well. With accent designs of gold and brass on the ceramic surface of these plates, this is an excellent way to spice up your seasonal tableware.

Plus, the purchase of Berber Ceramic Plate - No. 4 gives artisans in Morocco the opportunity to earn a fair income and livable wages and make a sustainable living for their families.