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The Little Market

Sweet Like Sugar Gift Box

$ 102.00

Nourish and exfoliate your skin with these wonderful fragrances. Each scrub is perfectly blended, by hand, with all-natural ingredients: coconut oil, fragrance oil, and sugar. This gift box includes: Coconut...

The Little Market

Iced Tea Gift Box

$ 118.00

Cool down with a fresh glass of iced tea. This gift set is perfect for an engagement, a housewarming, a host(ess), and more. This gift box includes: Two Tall Glasses,...

The Little Market

Coffee Lovers Gift Box

$ 68.00

But first, coffee. This is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves a cup of joe. Gift it to a student, teacher, host(ess), parent, or friend. This gift box includes:...

The Little Market

Coconut Sugar Gift Box

$ 56.00

Take a tropical staycation with this gift set. Treat someone special — teachers, friends, or mothers — to this spa gift box. This gift box includes: Coconut Sugar Scrub, hand-mixed...

The Little Market

Fiesta Gift Box

$ 80.00

Share this festive gift set, and maybe even your favorite margarita recipe, with friends who like to host, entertain, and celebrate. This gift box includes: Churro or Lime Candle, hand-poured...

The Little Market

Roses are Red Gift Box

$ 50.00

Roses are red, violets are blue. Gift this to someone sweet who means a lot to you. This gift box includes: Rose or Garden Rose Candle, hand-poured by female refugees...

The Little Market

Astrology Gift Box

$ 86.00

Follow your intuition with this thoughtful zodiac gift box. Choose from our selection of bracelets inspired by two of the elements — wind for air and sea for water — to customize...

The Little Market

Wine for Two Gift Box

$ 48.00

Cheers to someone special who deserves a toast! This wine-inspired set is the perfect present for a wedding, an engagement, a housewarming, or a wine-lover. This gift box includes: Two...

The Little Market

Two of Hearts Gift Box

$ 66.00

Gift a loved one with a handmade gift set from the heart. It's perfect for Valentine's Day, a wedding, or an anniversary. This gift box includes: Small Acacia Wood Heart...

The Little Market

Astrology Love Gift Box

$ 58.00

Celebrate the bond between two compatible zodiac signs with this astrology-inspired gift box. It's perfect for a pair of soulmates. This gift box includes: Two Astrology Collection Soy Blend Candles,...

The Little Market

Heartfelt Gift Box

$ 72.00

This gift set is perfect for so many different occasions. Gift it to loved ones for celebrations, heartache, and/or birthdays. This gift box includes: Small Olive Wood Heart Bowl, handmade...

The Little Market

Mommy's Little Girl Gift Box

$ 98.00

Celebrate mom and her little girl with this special gift set. It's perfect for baby showers and birthdays. This gift box includes: Mexican Serape Blanket, hand-woven by artisans at Camaxtl in Mexico Pink...

The Little Market

Chocolate Lovers Gift Box


This set is as sweet as can be! And irresistible for chocolate lovers. This gift box includes a delicious assortment of seven our favorite chocolate bars and a gift box...

The Little Market

Thank You Gift Box

$ 36.00

Share your appreciation for your family and friends with this gift set. It always feels good to express gratitude, and a thank you gift goes a long way. This gift...

The Little Market

Recipe for Love Gift Set

$ 90.00

Description A gift set made with love for the chef in your life! This set includes a Share cookbook full of recipes from around the world, a hand towel woven in Ethiopia,...