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New Gift Boxes

The Little Market

Churro Lovers Gift Box

$ 84.00

Sweeten up someone's day with this trio of candles! Gift it to a friend or loved one who enjoys filling a home with delightfully delicious fragrances. This gift box includes:...

The Little Market

Rose Sugar Gift Box

$ 74.00

Stop and smell the roses. Give this thoughtful and relaxing gift set to someone you love. This gift box includes: Rose Sugar Scrub, hand-mixed by female artisans at Bright Endeavors...

The Little Market

Sweet Like Sugar Gift Box

$ 102.00

Nourish and exfoliate your skin with these wonderful fragrances. Each scrub is perfectly blended, by hand, with all-natural ingredients: coconut oil, fragrance oil, and sugar. This gift box includes: Coconut...

The Little Market

Roses are Red Gift Box

$ 50.00

Roses are red, violets are blue. Gift this to someone sweet who means a lot to you. This gift box includes: Rose or Garden Rose Candle, hand-poured by female refugees...

The Little Market

Fiesta Gift Box

$ 80.00

Share this festive gift set, and maybe even your favorite margarita recipe, with friends who like to host, entertain, and celebrate. This gift box includes: Churro or Lime Candle, hand-poured...

The Little Market

Orange You Glad Gift Box


Brighten up someone's day with the fresh fragrance of orange. This gift is great for any celebration, a get-well-soon, or a just-because. This gift box includes: Clementine Candle, hand-poured by...

The Little Market

Coconut Sugar Gift Box

$ 56.00

Take a tropical staycation with this gift set. Treat someone special — teachers, friends, or mothers — to this spa gift box. This gift box includes: Coconut Sugar Scrub, hand-mixed...

The Little Market

Coffee Lovers Gift Box

$ 68.00

But first, coffee. This is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves a cup of joe. Gift it to a student, teacher, host(ess), parent, or friend. This gift box includes:...

The Little Market

Guac is Extra Gift Box

$ 76.00

Thrill guacamole lovers with this thoughtful gift. This assortment is sure to be a hit with people who love to eat, cook, and entertain. This gift box includes: Lime Candle,...

The Little Market

Wine for Two Gift Box

$ 48.00

Cheers to someone special who deserves a toast! This wine-inspired set is the perfect present for a wedding, an engagement, a housewarming, or a wine-lover. This gift box includes: Two...

The Little Market

Iced Tea Gift Box

$ 118.00

Cool down with a fresh glass of iced tea. This gift set is perfect for an engagement, a housewarming, a host(ess), and more. This gift box includes: Two Tall Glasses,...

The Little Market

The Chef Gift Box

$ 96.00

Inspire new traditions in the kitchen with this cooking-themed gift box. This is a great gift for cooks, newlyweds, hosts and hostesses, or housewarmings. This gift box includes: Share Cookbook,...

The Little Market

Two of Hearts Gift Box

$ 66.00

Gift a loved one with a handmade gift set from the heart. It's perfect for Valentine's Day, a wedding, or an anniversary. This gift box includes: Small Acacia Wood Heart...

The Little Market

Heartfelt Gift Box

$ 72.00

This gift set is perfect for so many different occasions. Gift it to loved ones for celebrations, heartache, and/or birthdays. This gift box includes: Small Olive Wood Heart Bowl, handmade...

The Little Market

Astrology Gift Box

$ 86.00

Follow your intuition with this thoughtful zodiac gift box. Choose from our selection of bracelets inspired by two of the elements — wind for air and sea for water — to customize...

The Little Market

Vanilla Sugar Gift Box

$ 56.00

Gift a delightfully rich and soothing assortment to show someone how much you care. It's great for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. This gift box includes: Vanilla Sugar...

The Little Market

Astrology Love Gift Box

$ 58.00

Celebrate the bond between two compatible zodiac signs with this astrology-inspired gift box. It's perfect for a pair of soulmates. This gift box includes: Two Astrology Collection Soy Blend Candles,...

The Little Market

Peppermint Sugar Gift Box

$ 74.00

Chill out with this cooling and calming gift box. This spa gift set makes a great anniversary, Valentine's Day, or get-well-soon present. This gift box includes: Peppermint Sugar Scrub, hand-mixed...