Soap - Orange

Made in the United States
made by women transitioning out of homelessness

$ 12.00

So fresh, so clean! Designed for sensitive skin and scented with 100% tangerine essential oil, this soap is handmade in small batches from high-quality ingredients, including vitamin E, mango butter, and coconut oil, to keep skin feeling clean and hydrated. Each purchase empowers formerly homeless women at MADE by DWC in Los Angeles.

Soap - Orange | Fair Trade | The Little Market

As with all handmade items, no two pieces are the same. Variations in size, color, and design will occur.


  • Approximately: 6 oz.
  • Ingredients: tangerine essential oil, palm oil, coconut oil, lauric acid, glycerin (kosher), honey, mango butter, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, sorbitol, triethanolamine, sodium chloride, goat’s milk, vitamin E oil, sorbitan oleate, soy bean protein, titanium dioxide
  • As with all handmade items, slight variations can occur


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About The Artisans

About The Artisans

Made by DWC

Founded by the Downtown Women’s Center of Los Angeles, Made by DWC was created to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and homelessness. The products are created by DWC program participants in collaboration with local artists. The product design and development workshops provide the women with social and vocational skills in an empowering environment where women rebuild self-esteem, discover talents, and develop skills.
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At MADE by DWC, women practice a melt and pour soapmaking technique to create these bars of soap by hand in small batches. During this technique, the women melt the ethically sourced soap base, essential oils, fragrance, and all-natural butters. Once the ingredients have blended, they will pour the soap base into a mold. After a few hours, the bars of soaps form and are ready to be packaged. The soaps are packaged in environmentally friendly parchment paper and are then covered by old pages from donated books. The women will make between 60 to 120 bars of soap at one time; to create 120 bars of soap, the process involves one to two women for three to four hours. MADE by DWC is a collaborative and supportive work environment; while one woman stirs the base, another may prepare ingredients for the next batch.
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United States

A neighbor to both Canada and Mexico, the United States of America sets in the center of the North American continent. The diverse landscape is filled with wildlife, great lakes, large urban cities from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. Geographically, the United States is the third-largest country in the world. The United States is rich in natural resources such as natural gas, coal, copper, silver, gold, and various more. A land filled with a variation of resources, the United States has become the world’s third-largest economy. The country’s economy is considered to be mixed as it is composed of both a free market and a command economy. The top five industries that drive the US economy are housing, state and local government, finance and insurance, health/social care, and durable manufacturing. America’s diverse population is composed of Indigenous people and immigrants of European, African, Polynesian, Asian, and Latin American origin. The integration of cultures has transformed American society into a truly multicultural and multiethnic mosaic. These many layers of diversity are reflected in the vast variety of artistic styles and handcraft work. American artisans work with traditional craft materials and processes such as woodworking, textiles, metalworking, glassblowing, ceramics, etc
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About Fair Trade

About Fair Trade

Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade is an approach to international trade centered around equitable partnerships, transparency and respect. It seeks to empower marginalized producers by providing them safe working conditions, fair pay, and a means to establish a sustainable business free from exploitation. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we are committed to the Fair Trade principles.
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