The women of Bordadoras Unidas Arcoiris are from communities within Tenango, state of Hidalgo, Mexico. These skilled artisans embroider what their grandmothers taught them and are proud to keep Tenango embroidery alive. Embroidery involves designing fabric or other materials with simply a needle and thread or yarn. The technique has been found worldwide and can be dated back to ancient times.

To make the pillows, artisans cut the cotton cloth, draw the design of the pillow by free-hand, and embroider it using a stitch technique. With strings, the women draw the traditions of the Hidalgo people, illustrating everyday life, including their native plants and animals as well as their crop cultivation. Once the design has been sewn on, the artisan washes the piece to erase the drawing previously made, irons it, and stitches the hemline of the pillow by hand or with a sewing machine. Overall, the time to make this product depends on the design, but on average it takes between 20 to 25 days. For larger pieces, it can take between 90 to 120 days.

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