LOCATED IN Palestine

Social enterprise Canaan Palestine collaborates with more than 2,000 small-scale farming families in Palestine to create high-quality collections including this olive oil. Traditionally, the majority of these farms are managed by families who pass down agricultural techniques across generations. Farmers include women, indigenous populations, and displaced peoples.

Olives have been cultivated in the Land of Canaan for thousands of years as a crucial social and economic resource. These crops have been essential to the region’s viability and have served a primary source of food security and income for more than 100,000 families. Through this partnership with Canaan Palestine, families are empowered and work hard to preserve their cultural traditions in the modern marketplace. Farmers carefully hand-pick olives throughout the day and bring them to an olive press in the evening. During a quality check, the oil undergoes initial sensory and chemical testing. Next, it is pumped into nitrogen-fixed stainless steel tanks for sediment to settle. The oil is filtered, sent for a final quality check, and, lastly, bottled, labeled, and packed.

Canaan Palestine is committed to creating sustainable income opportunities, implementing eco-conscious practices, and providing farmers with resources including community development workshops, finance training, and health programs.