Artisans at Chabi Chic work hard to preserve a tradition that has been passed down through generations and that is facing competition in today’s environment. Chabi Chic is committed to protecting Moroccan culture, preserving beautiful traditions and techniques, ethically creating products from natural materials, and improving the quality of the artisans’ lives.

Some of the artisans, such as those who work on pottery and ceramics, are based out of workshops, and some also work out of their homes. The pottery is hand-molded and hand-painted from the beginning of the process until the end. The clay and the paint are edible and unleaded, and they do not contain foreign objects, which helps to prevent natural breaks. Artisans shape the clay or the ceramic with a pottery wheel, cook the material, hand-paint it, and cook it once again. The artisans use recycled glass to make the collection of hand-blown glassware. To create the bags, they carefully weave the product using sustainably sourced materials. For the woven glassware, artisans will braid and weave raffia fibers and blow on the glass, forming a unique shape. Artisans earn fair, sustainable wages, and have access to essential resources for skill development.

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