Collective Humanity

Collective Humanity

About Our Artisan Partner

Collective Humanity is a community-based, Cambodian nonprofit organization empowering socially and economically marginalized women as they rise above poverty. It is named as a reminder of our shared commonalities as human beings and our responsibility to take care of one another. Artisan women, whose ages range from 20s to 50s, are free to work from home in open air studios. Flexible schedules enable them to earn an income and simultaneously balance their family responsibilities. Within the village, there is a large sense of community based on trust and transparency.

Many of these women grew up during the Cambodian Civil War and subsequent genocide and thus lacked opportunities for a formal education. Collective Humanity provides this and more, including skills and household finance training, community development workshops, and healthcare programs. It also offers access to alternative healers for those who have experienced trauma.

Collective Humanity supports full-time educational access for artisans’ children and has created a community emergency fund, managed in full by the artisans. Other programs include recycling education programs and community cleanup days that help reduce waste and environmental hazards.



Country: Cambodia


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Technique: Weaving


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