To our community,


The past few weeks have been devastating — for communities, for our country, and for the world. As the entire world is figuring out how to navigate, we too have had to evaluate what a viable path forward is for The Little Market. We are making adjustments to our operations, outreach, and strategy in anticipation of this new environment we find ourselves in.


We’ve closed both of our retail locations; our pop-up shop in Newport Beach, CA is closed permanently and our store in Pacific Palisades, CA is closed temporarily.


We are still accepting orders online, and the incredible team in our fulfillment center is taking every precaution to ensure that products are handled with care. We have implemented additional measures to maintain a clean, safe environment for our staff, following CDC guidelines. As a result, orders may be slower to ship.


Many of the artisan groups we work with across the globe are being deeply impacted by COVID-19 as well, and our support is more critical than ever before. We will be regularly reassessing and adapting our operations and strategy in the weeks and months ahead so that our organization is in a position to weather the storm and continue supporting the artisans we work with.


The Little Market is a nonprofit organization committed to serving those who are most vulnerable across the globe. We are built on the foundation that we are all part of one global community and that when we act together, we can create change that will positively impact lives and transform communities. That applies to our mission of supporting artisans in underserved communities, and that also applies now — to the responsibility we have to our local communities, communities around the world, and one another.


We’ve been incredibly humbled by the overwhelming support we’ve seen from our community. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding and unwavering commitment to our mission.


We stand together (six feet apart).



The Little Market Team