Eco-Conscious Wedding Planning Checklist: 10 Unique Ideas

Are you hoping to make your wedding day feel a little more intentional — and a little less wasteful? You’re in the right place!

We’re big supporters of making your wedding day (and the events leading up to it) feel like a reflection of your values. So if you’re passionate about incorporating eco-conscious principles into your big day, we’re here to assure you that it’s not only doable, but it can also be enjoyable — and beautiful.

Below we’ve gathered 10 unique ideas for a more sustainable and intentional wedding. From one-of-a-kind save-the-dates and party favors to artisan-made décor and tableware, all of the ideas integrate our handmade goods at The Little Market. Each piece can be reused and loved for years to come — and supports dignified income opportunities for artisan and producer groups across the world. A beautiful way to celebrate your love!

We hope these ideas inspire your wedding planning and get you excited to plan this special milestone in a way that supports issues you care about the most.

10 Unique Ideas to Make Your Wedding Eco-Conscious (+ Give Back)


Send one-of-a-kind save-the-dates

Save-the-dates are often the first impression of the big day. Make them extra special by sending your guests a hand-poured candle that doubles as a unique keepsake.

Eco tip: Once the candle has burned through, the glass vessel can be cleaned out and reused to stash bathroom essentials, small accessories, and other odds and ends.


Give thoughtful (+ practical) gifts to the bridal party

We think that the best gifts for our loved ones — and the planet — are gifts that will really be used. That’s why we love our totes for bridal party favors that are both thoughtful and practical. As an added perk, they’re light enough to squeeze into a suitcase yet roomy enough to fill with other goodies.

Eco tip: Your loved ones can reuse the gift totes for carrying lunches, gym and office essentials, and accessories.


Make a gift registry with a small business

Create a gift registry that also gives back to others. Every gift from The Little Market contributes to meaningful income opportunities for artisan and producer groups and their families. We’d be so grateful to be a part of your big day!

Eco tip: Ask your loved ones to choose carbon-neutral shipping at checkout for a small extra fee.


Invest in handmade decorations

Our handmade garlands adorn any space with a fun and photo-worthy touch — from the engagement party and bridal shower to the bachelorette party and the rehearsal dinner.

Eco tip: Reuse the garlands for future celebrations like birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.


Incorporate woven baskets into your wedding venue

Eye-catching and elegant, our woven baskets will set a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception. They’re not only special for how they look, but also for how they’re made. Each basket is intricately crafted with locally sourced materials by artisans.

Eco tip: Keep the baskets after the big day and style them as décor and storage solutions in your home.


Wear conflict-free jewelry

If you’re looking for subtle and beautiful jewelry to complete your wedding day look, our collection is made with conflict-free gold-filled materials by women entrepreneurs in Cambodia.

Eco tip: Keep your jewelry protected for years to come by storing the pieces in a soft, cloth bag. That way, if you want to pass the pieces down to future generations, they’ll be in great condition.


Set an artisan-made tablescape

Complete your table with hand-molded ceramic plates, hand-carved wooden plates, and more timeless pieces that will make any table stand out while giving back to artisans across the world.

Eco tip: Looking for glassware? Take a look at our hand-etched glassware crafted by artisans with recycled glass in Mexico.


Elevate your flower girl’s basket

Your flower girl deserves the best! Give her a handwoven bag that she’ll be sure to treasure long after her special moment in the spotlight.

Eco tip: Fill the tote with fair trade sweets so she has something to snack on during the ceremony.


Give unique party favors to guests

Custom gift totes are memorable and unique party favors. Plus, they’re wonderfully handy for your guests to carry their essentials all weekend long.

Eco tip: Rather skip the physical gifts? Consider making a donation in each guest’s name to a nonprofit.


Send “thank yous” on handmade stationery

Let your nearest and dearest know how much they mean to you with our handmade stationery crafted in India with recycled cotton textiles that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Each card is soft yet durable and feels so special to hold.

Eco tip: Reuse the box that our stationery sets come in to store accessories and mementos.

Other Tips To Give Back and Reduce Waste

Consider donating any leftovers (food, flowers, décor, etc.), supporting local and small businesses whenever possible, and reusing or gifting as many items as you can to spread the love beyond your special day.

We hope your wedding is filled with love, personal touches, and so many memories you’ll look back on with joy for many years to come. And we want to thank you for making an effort to celebrate this big day in a way that makes a positive impact (good on you!).

Interested in learning about more ways to customize your wedding? Take a look at our custom gifts!

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