The Little Market is a nonprofit, fair trade shop

Our mission is anchored in the fundamental belief that every person has the right to safe jobs and fair, livable wages.

Ethically sourced and artisan-made, our collection supports dignified work for underserved women and vulnerable communities around the world.



The Little Market is a nonprofit fair trade shop

Our mission is anchored in the fundamental belief that every person has the right to safe jobs and fair, livable wages.

Ethically sourced and artisan-made, our collection supports dignified work for underserved women and vulnerable communities around the world.

[fer trad] noun

A form of ethical, environmentally conscious, and sustainable production that focuses on creating economic opportunities for disadvantaged producers. It promotes inclusive practices, safe working conditions, fair pay, and the preservation of traditional techniques.



when you shop with brands that value fair trade principles

you support the people behind the products

Raise the standard of living

advocate for human rights

protect the planet

We are committed to the following principles, as set forth by the Fair Trade Federation.


We support artisans living in rural and underserved communities by providing them with a wider reach of customers beyond tourists and their local communities. The individual artisans we work with have experienced extreme poverty and hardships. For instance, they have survived homelessness, escaped domestic violence, or have physical disabilities in communities that discriminate. We focus on working with groups that are women-led and that primarily work with women. When connecting with groups, we ensure that they provide a safe and supportive environment.


Through our artisan application and a thorough evaluation process, we ensure that we work with groups that are like-minded and that share our mission for and dedication to fair trade. They have similar goals and values, which creates a productive and empowering partnership.


With fair trade principles, producers become independent and are able to learn and enhance their skills. Many of the artisan groups and social enterprises we work with provide training programs, such as job and skills training programs, which help individual artisans work toward a brighter future and rise above the poverty line.


We aim to share our passion for fair trade with others, and we use multiple platforms, such as our website, blog, and social media accounts, to do so. We are committed to educating others about the meaning and power behind fair trade and its benefits, such as an improvement in education, health, and the environment. We encourage conscious shopping by thinking thoughtfully about each purchase.


Fair trade principles allow producers to set their prices based on the true costs of labor, time, materials, sustainable growth, and other relevant factors. We make sure to comply with and/or exceed the local, national, international, and fair trade minimum standards to make sure the artisans we work with are paid on a prompt and fair basis. Many retailers work on a consignment basis in which artisans are only paid if their product sells. Every item available at The Little Market has been paid for in full.


We choose to work with artisan groups and social enterprises that provide supportive and safe working conditions for the individual artisans. Many of the artisan women are able to work from their homes, meaning they can earn a sustainable income while taking care of their families. The social enterprises and co-ops we work with often provide training programs, resources, and safe tools for the individual artisans.


Empowering women and children is a core part of The Little Market’s mission. In fact, when our co-founders, Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, started to develop the idea behind The Little Market, they met with nonprofits in Africa that focus on women and children. We support the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, and we do not condone child trafficking and exploitative child labor.


We strive to offer eco-conscious products that are made from materials such as repurposed or recycled materials. For instance, our huipil products are repurposed from the traditional blouse of Mayan women, and our glassware is made using our recycled glassware. Our Senegalese baskets are made using recycled plastic. Our Iringa baskets are made using locally grown reed grass. .


We take pride in the fact that the handmade products we carry preserve cultural and traditional techniques. We feel that this is part of what makes these products so special. Each product we carry has a story behind it, and a particular technique is followed to make each piece. We love sharing the stories behind our products with our audience.

Now, more than ever, it is critical to support fair trade networks.

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the artisans and producers we work with in vulnerable communities around the world. We are doing everything we can to continue generating orders and much-needed income for them. The support of our global community is vital in that effort.

Now, more than ever, it is critical to support fair trade networks.

Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the artisans and producers we work with in vulnerable communities around the world. We are doing everything we can to continue generating orders and much-needed income for them. The support of our global community is vital in that effort.


spruce up your room

accent your kitchen

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gifts to show you care

We are proud to be a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation

As a verified member, we ethically purchase products from groups that prioritize the well-being of artisans, makers, and the planet. The artisans are paid fairly and promptly, their traditional techniques are valued and celebrated, and environmental sustainability is practiced.


Fair Trade Gifts


The weather’s cooling down. Earth’s colors are deepening. We’re gathering in the fruits of our labor, and some of us are gathering, for the first time in ages, back together again.

This season we’re giving gifts. And not just any gifts — gifts made by hand.

At The Little Market, all our products are fair trade and artisan-made. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we ethically source each of our beautifully handmade products from artisan and producer groups around the world. When ethically shopping, you know that your handmade gifts are crafted by artisans and global makers who are paid fair wages using methods for sustainable production.

When you give someone the perfect gift, you want it to carry the weight of meaning. You want to impact the receiver, to give them a physical representation of your affection, passion, and gratitude.

But what if the impact of your gift didn’t simply stop at the exchange? What if the impact rippled outward? What if the gift you bought meant just as much to the receiver as to the maker?

When you purchase a fair trade product, you are impacting an artisan, a woman, a family, a country, a global community for social change. A world with a future.

Let’s put meaning back into our purchases. It’s time to take a step into a movement of purchasing with purpose.

We’re pursuing a path that leads to a holistic, ethical lifestyle. We’re considering not only the state of our own wellness, but also the wellness of others.

A handmade, fair trade gift is an invitation — it invites you, along with your friend, your mom, your partner, your kids, your circle, into a cycle that Mother Nature teaches us well: giving and receiving.


Gifts That Give Back

Here enter our gift sets. We’ve thought long and hard about these offerings to you. We not only want you to find new products you’re excited to give, but to have a way to make the gift ideas truly your own.

Our gift sets come with a “Build your gift set” option, so you can choose your own unique gift arrangement. We’ve selected some of our favorite ethical goods to help you create some truly unique and lovely sets.

Show them the bounty of your love with a gift set catered personally to them.

Read on for our gift set recommendations. Whether you’re shopping for the man in your life, your firstborn’s third birthday, or your daughter’s graduation, we’ve got the perfect options for you.


Fair Trade Gifts for Her


Classic Jewelry Gift Set

Our Classic Jewelry Gift Set comes with timeless pieces that will surely adorn for a lifetime. We give you the option to choose a 14-carat gold-filled necklace and set of earrings. Our necklaces come in options of Bar and Link, Marquise, or Satellite.

Our hoop earrings come in four sizes: mini, small, medium, or large.

This Classic Jewelry Gift Set is conflict-free, ethically sourced, and made by Cambodian artisan women who have perfected the technique of wire wrapping that creates the most delicate designs.

When you purchase this set, you are empowering these Cambodian women to have access to fair, dignified employment, skills training, and educational opportunities. It’s no secret that empowering women leads to stronger economies.

At Home Gift Set

Our At Home Gift Set is perfect for the coziest staycation. In this set, you’ll choose a handwoven bag or gift wrap, an impactful book, a scented candle, a bag of ethically sourced coffee or tea, and a set of two ceramic mugs.

Give the gift of relaxation for coffee and tea lovers with these lovely favorites sourced from around the world.

Kitchen Essentials Gift Basket

We are all about kitchen goodies! Choose a handwoven bag or gift wrap, one of four of our amazing cookbooks, and a flavor-infused olive oil that all accompany a set of handmade wood salad servers.

Inspire the chef in your life with these uniquely curated kitchen accessories from around the world, all paired together in the Kitchen Essentials Gift Basket.


Fair Trade Gifts for Him


Coffee Gift Set

Who doesn't love a great cup of coffee that makes a positive impact on farmers and small businesses?

Choose a bag of fair trade single-origin coffee beans from Rwanda or fair trade coffee from Kenya. Our sets of two coffee mugs come in white, blush, or gray. And lastly, choose your favorite of our handcrafted wooden coffee scoops. This Coffee Gift Set is sure to please, no matter the morning.

Chili Hot Sauce Flight

Our Chili Hot Sauce Flight is an all-time favorite gift set. Choose from four of our gluten-free hot sauces made with organic chilis.

Lover of spice? Our Cayenne Chili Hot Sauce is right up your alley.

Are you more about that deep, smoky flavor? A better gift would be our Chipotle Chili Hot Sauce.

How about something hot and fruity? Our Habanero Chili Hot Sauce is the perfect addition to a dish.

Or even something sweet and spicy? You’ll love the tropical taste of our Pineapple Chili Hot Sauce.

When you purchase our Chili Hot Sauce Flight gift set, you are empowering small-scale sustainable farmers and producers in rural communities of Eswatini, Africa.


Fair Trade Gifts for Boys


Safari Animals Gift Set

Imaginations will run wild when you give our Safari Animals Gift Set. We have hand-knit plush elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers, and zebras to choose from. These uniquely handmade cotton animals will make the sweetest nursery additions and, of course, the snuggliest bedtime companions for your new arrivals.

Each Safari Animal you purchase empowers artisan women in Peru.

Veggie Rattles Gift Set

You can introduce veggies even before it’s time for solids! Our Veggie Rattles Gift Set delights babies and veggie-loving parents and caregivers alike.

We have pumpkin, carrot, avocado, corn, and radish rattles for you to choose from! These toys are great for babies and toddlers alike. Inspire a love for vegetables with the cutest gift set.  

Each purchase supports artisan women in Bangladesh.


Fair Trade Gifts for Girls


Bird Gift Set

Bring the natural world into the playroom with our handmade Bird Gift Set. We have handmade flamingoes, owls, peacocks, penguins, and red parrots to choose from.

Each purchase empowers artisan women in Peru.

Without Borders Gift Set

This is by far one of our favorite gift sets. The Without Borders Gift Set comes with a unique coloring book and a sarape blanket.

For every coloring book that is purchased, we donate $25 to Families Belong Together. This organization collaborates with almost 250 organizations that are dealing with the ongoing family separation crisis of 2018.

Together, these groups are dedicated to end family separation and detention and rectify past harm. In the true spirit of unity, these groups try to reunite separated families.


Fair Trade Gifts for Mother


Lots of Love Gift Set

Let the special mama in your life know how much you care with our Lots of Love Gift Set. When you build your gift set, you can choose a scented candle with your own label of choice, a gift tote, and a heart garland in red, white, or blush.

Spa Gift Basket

Give the gift of a moment filled with relaxation. Our Spa Gift Basket helps her unwind and recenter.

Choose a handmade basket or gift wrap, a scented candle, a bar of essential oil-infused soap, and a beautifully relaxing sugar scrub.

Hot Cocoa + Chocolate Gift Set

Hello, chocolate! One of our favorite fair trade snacks.

Our gift sets wouldn’t be complete without an option for chocolate indulgence! Our Hot Cocoa + Chocolate Gift Set lets you choose a package of hot cocoa, a set of two ceramic mugs, and a handmade wooden cocoa scoop.

Add on one of our Divine Chocolate Bars to enhance the delicious experience.


Fair Trade Gifts for Daughter


Layered Gemstone Gift Set

She will swoon over our Layered Gemstone Gift Set! The set comes with a choker and a necklace of your choice. Choose Midnight Blue, Onyx, Smoky Quartz, or White gemstones for a timeless look of beauty.

This Classic Jewelry Gift Set is conflict-free and ethically sourced, and it is expertly crafted by Cambodian women using the incredibly detailed techniques of wire wrapping to create intricate jewelry.

Bath Bomb Flight

Show you care with the gift of self-care, and help her unwind with our Bath Bomb Flight Gift Set. Our bath bombs are handmade in the United States with essential oils and Himalayan salt.

Curate her spa experience with choices from Chamomile, Orange, Peppermint, Coconut, Lavender, and Vanilla. Each essential oil has unique and powerful properties.


Honoring Artisan Stories and Your Loved Ones


Imagine it. You show up to that long-awaited gathering. Everyone’s pulling chairs around a firepit, the sunset glowing along the horizon. The air’s crisp; the hors d'oeuvres are deliciously homemade and on display. The evening’s ripe with significance.

And you have arrived at this beautiful moment with something special in your hands to give away.

We designed our gift sets with you and your loves in mind. Mark the changing seasons with gifts curated with fair trade principles.