LOCATED IN New York, New York

Based out of New York, social enterprise Fountain House + Body is committed to helping people living with serious mental illness. They often face challenges to finding and maintaining a sustainable income. In a collaborative and rehabilitative environment, the producers participate in a transitional employment program, often working for six months at a time.

During the program, they can build relationships and gain the confidence needed to succeed in the workforce. Fountain House + Body is not only committed to uplifting them, but also to helping combat the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

To create this hand sanitizer, the producers carefully mix and measure the ingredients — first alcohol, made from certified non-GMO sugarcane, and aloe vera and then the essential oil. They implement eco-conscious practices to minimize their environmental footprint. At least two producers work together during each shift, and they collaborate closely with a personal job coach who can provide them with direct support during the process.