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Haiti Design Co.

Haiti Design Co.

About Our Artisan Partner

Haiti Design Co. is a community-based nonprofit that was founded in 2014 by Josh and Chandler Busby. The main mission behind the organization is to create sustainable development through design, training, and job creation; the nonprofit’s mantra comes from an old Haitian proverb that means “Many hands make the load light.” The organization consists of three teams — leather, jewelry, and sewing teams. Around 45 women and 15 men who have experienced vulnerable situations in life are working in-house at Haiti Design Co. The talented artisans practice different types of techniques such as jewelry making, weaving, sewing, and tailoring. In addition to the in-house teams, Haiti Design Co. has five branches in an Artisan Incubator program, which helps independent artisan businessmen and businesswomen. All of the artisans work together, and the organization and community development committee provide resources such as healthcare and educational seminars on leadership development training and mental health awareness.



Country: Haiti


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Technique: Leatherwork


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