INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY / PANELS / climate + Racial Justice

march 10 • 12pm PT

This conversation focuses on one of the most critical global challenges: access to clean water. Claire Woods has led strategic, high-impact litigation to protect the rights of communities in the United States to water and is working to secure laws and policies that support that right. Claire and Meena talk about the connection between racial and climate justice and the importance of ensuring that communities of color are empowered to protect their health and lives.

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Senior Attorney, NRDC



Founder + CEO, Phenomenal

Claire Woods

Senior Attorney, NRDC

Meena Harris

Founder + CEO, Phenomenal

The lack of access to clean and safe water is a major global concern, and the pandemic has reinforced the importance of hygiene in protecting people from diseases. Communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately vulnerable to the lack of clean water and impact of pollution on their lives and health.

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Communities of color suffer the most as a result of the environmental problems this country faces.

Claire Woods