I didn’t even know that I had a creative bone in my body until I got into that production space and I just started creating and smelling the scents and things just started happening. They were like, ‘Penney, you know, you’re pretty good at this.’ Next thing I know, I was being offered a position at the company that helped me get on my feet.

Penney Manning

production + Inventory Associate at MADE by Downtown Women’s Center

when you treat you,

you treat her too

MADE by DWC is a social enterprise focused exclusively on empowering women who have experienced homelessness and are working to achieve financial independence in Los Angeles, California. Each soap purchase supports:

Job training + transitional employment opportunities

Skill development in a supportive work environment

Access to safe housing, healthcare, and nutritious meals

empowering women

through your purchase

Every bar of soap is hand-made, supporting women in breaking the cycle of unemployment + homelessness