Kenana Knitters






Located in the agricultural community of Njoro in Kenya, Kenana Knitters works with 580 artisans, the majority of whom are women. The female artisans have had few income earning opportunities because of limited educational backgrounds and their family responsibilities. By working with Kenana Knitters, which is a profit-share group, they can earn a sustainable income, create long-term economic plans, and take care of their families with a flexible work schedule. Kenana Knitters provides them with access to regular health check-ups, family planning, HIV treatment and counseling, and educational opportunities including daily newspapers.

What began as a grassroots organization founded by a local Kenyan in 1998 is now an organization positively impacting and educating hundreds of artisans who can be confident in their work and proud of what they create together. We are excited to work with these talented artisans on an exclusive collection of hand and finger puppets at The Little Market.


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