Lula Mena






Based out of El Salvador, Lula Mena is a microenterprise working with approximately 75 artisans between the ages of 23 and 65. The artisans live in at-risk communities, and, by working with Lula Mena, they receive a fair income and maintain job security to help themselves and their households. Lula Mena is the designer behind the beautiful fair trade goods, and she practices conscious design while developing sustainable and ethical products. The design is based on five principles: eco-friendly practices, handmade, fair trade, innovation, and women empowerment. Lula Mena and the artisans are preserving techniques that have been passed down through generations; these techniques were slowly disappearing. Don Ciro, the master artisan, has worked closely with Lula Mena within her textile businesses for a long time to preserve the meaningful techniques. The Little Market works primarily with artisan partners of Lula Mena in Santiago Texacuangos, which consists of three generations of weavers who are maintaining 60 years of a cultural tradition. We work with Lula Mena to offer beautiful throws, hammocks, and pillows at The Little Market. Each purchase supports the hardworking artisans and their families in El Salvador.


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