Macvilho is an artisan group of seven women between the ages of 18 and 50 from the Mexican state of Chiapas. The women raise their own sheep and harvest the wool to make clothing, textiles, and decorative accents. The women work without machinery, weaving textiles by hand using traditional Mayan techniques. Selling their goods to a global audience gives the women more work, allowing them to lead better lives supplemented by the additional income.





QUESTION:In your opinion what makes this group's production unique?

ANSWER: Everything we make, we try and make it in the best way possible to make a high quality product.


QUESTION:Where do you source your materials and what is the importance of the material’s quality?

ANSWER: We work with yarn, sheep wool, cotton and natural dyes. We source them from San Cristobal de las Casas. We check that the distaff, strings, and threads are all of good quality.


QUESTION:Why is it important for consumers to know the story behind the making of your products?

ANSWER:So that they can appreciate the work we are making.


QUESTION:Who are the artisans who make the pom poms?

ANSWER:Grupo Macvilho consists of seven women between the ages of 18 and 50.


QUESTION:How long does it take to make one garland?

ANSWER:Depending on the size, approximately 3 days.


QUESTION:What is the technique being used?

ANSWER:We do not use any type of machinery everything is made by hand.


QUESTION:How are the lives of the women who form part of this group impacted?

ANSWER:We are able to have more work, which allows us to lead better lives. Some of the women also work in the field where we care for our sheep and make our own clothes.