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Mar Y Sol, founded in 2003, works with several communities of artisans and family businesses in Madagascar to develop their products. Approximately several hundred artisans are involved in the production of their work, 80% of that being women. Each basket is woven from natural, organic and sustainable materials and is inspired by Madagascar’s vibrant culture. The Mar Y Sol team is committed to benefiting the communities of their artisans. Depending on the nature of their work and business, many of their artisan partners are given the leisure to work in their homes and offices, allowing families to stay together while supporting themselves.





Mar Y Sol | Madagascar



A family of leather workers’ crafts all of their handles and tassels by organically tanning the hides by hand. They work with a family who hand dyes all of the raffia used in their crocheted products. Then women in rural villages and surrounding Madagascar’s capital city weave and crochet the totes and clutches. The company has worked on a variety of projects in Madagascar and Kenya, such as developing clean water wells, providing education funds for school supplies, and donating eyeglasses as well as art supplies whenever given the opportunity.

Pom Pom Beach Bag | Mar Y Sol



Mar Y Sol | Fair Trade Handwoven Bags & Clutches

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