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Located in Panajachel, Sololá, Guatemala, Maya Traditions has been dedicated to connecting indigenous, female Maya backstrap weaver artisans and their families to national and international markets since 1996. Maya Traditions ensures that the culture of these artisans is preserved and seen across all of their products. By promoting a fair trade model, their main goal is to help these artisan families and their communities work towards a better lifestyle. They provide various social programs in youth education, community health, and artisan development. Today, Maya Traditions partners with eight self-governed cooperatives in six rural villages and over 100 skilled female artisans who practice many different artisan techniques.




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In 2014 during our trip to Guatemala, we had the opportunity to meet with the artisans of Maya Traditions. We fell in love with their skillfully handwoven products, such as their overnight bags. But what we love even more about Maya Traditions are the social programs they offer to their 180 artisans. Following a fair trade model since 1997, the foundation allows indigenous women to develop their skills and access formal  education and health care. 

Some of the artisans recently graduated from a literary workshop that was offered. We wanted to share an update from Maya Traditions on the program. It’s a great reminder of how buying fair trade impacts the lives of individual artisans and their families.

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