Naguska | Hand Knit Alpaca Wool Stuffed Animals from Peru





Naguska was founded in 1997 as an export company of Peruvian handicrafts, a craft that, since pre-Columbian times, has been characterized by its richness, variety and unique beauty. Even today, the materials and techniques that its artisans have inherited from generation to generation can be appreciated in every piece. Naguska seeks to create job opportunities for artisans in Peru, increasingly for groups of women knitters from the rural area in highlands of Puno. Naguska provides training and technical support in the implementation on workshops so they can make their work as well as increase the quality of products and, therefore, of their life.






Naguska | Peruvian Alpaca Wool Hand Knit Stuffed Animals



QUESTION: Briefly, what is the process to make this product from start to finish, and how long does production take?

ANSWER: The time of production depends on the size of the order. Because these items are handmade we cannot give a “standard” time, however we can say that an order can be addressed in 30 days or more, taking into account the size of order and difficulty of each piece. On average one stuffed animal takes 1.5 to 2 days.


QUESTION: What are the materials used, and where do they come from?

ANSWER: We work with cotton, mixed alpaca wool, or synthetic wool. All of these are of Peruvian origin.


QUESTION: Where did the technique being used come from; is there a historical or cultural significance behind it?

ANSWER: They use a needle knit technique, which is common practice. The skilled artisans from the region we work with are able to make more complex designs.


QUESTION: Who are the artisans who make this product, and in what way is their life impacted as a result of working with this group?

ANSWER: The women who work with us are part of the communities in the Departamento de Puno, located in the south of Peru. They are countrywomen who live off of what they harvest from the land. The work that we give them allows them to take advantage of any downtime they may have. For example, while they tend their sheep, they are knitting, allowing them to gain additional income for their homes.




Naguska | Hand Knit Peruvian Alpaca Wool Stuffed Animals

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