The Little Market is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that carries a curated collection of products made following fair trade principles. For The Little Market, being a nonprofit was a very clear decision, and it’s part of our overall commitment to transparency. The Little Market was founded with the mission of ensuring that our artisan partners are the ones who profit from the purchases of their handmade goods.

We run as lean of an operation as possible to ensure that as much money as possible can be reinvested in artisan purchases; we make cost-efficient decisions. Our artisan partners benefit from the proceeds of every handmade product. We price each product as fairly as possible, at a price that’s comparable to other prices in the United States. In addition, our artisan partners are paid in full, regardless of whether a product sells.

With every purchase we make to add products to our collection, we’re creating sustainable jobs and preserving cultural traditions. We are motivated to create fair wages for our partners and to not personally profit; the artisans are also able to have jobs that they want and work in safe environments, which are oftentimes their homes so that they can take care of their families and have flexible schedules.

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