Social enterprise Penh Lenh is dedicated to empowering skilled women entrepreneurs in Cambodia. (Penh Lenh means “whole” or “complete” in the Cambodian language of Khmer.) The organization provides a high quality of education, vocational training, career and professional skill development opportunities, finance and budget training, and weekly English classes to young, resilient women.

The talented women empower one another throughout the jewelry production process, using materials such as ethically sourced, conflict-free semi-precious gemstone, 14k gold-filled clasps and chains, 14k gold-filled wire, glass beads, and elastics. At the beginning of each day, they receive production goals. They follow a printed template to create the jewelry while following intricate beading, string, and wire wrapping techniques and conduct thorough quality checks. In a supportive, collaborative environment, at least two to four artisans work together to create each piece over half an hour to a couple of hours.

To create the eco-conscious face masks, the team first sources the fabric locally in Cambodia. The material for each face mask is carefully hand-sewn from fabric remnants, which are safely collected from Cambodia's garment industry and would otherwise be discarded. A team of artisans sews and cuts the fabric using their custom, intricate patterns. After the fabric is cut, a team will carefully screen-print the material. The fabric is then ready to be sewn and complete with elastic ear straps before a thorough quality check is conducted and the masks are approved to pack and ship. At least four artisans will collaborate to make each mask.

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