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The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is an island archipelago with more than 7,100 islands and is located in southeastern Asia. Top industries include wood products, electronics assembly, fishing, and garments. Among the most common agricultural products are rice, corn, bananas, mangoes, and sugarcane. The country’s topography is beautiful and unique, from coastal strips and lowlands to plains and volcanic mountain masses.


As of 2015, the population of the Philippines was more than 100 million, according to the World Bank. The primary religions practiced are Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and Buddhist. The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino, English, and eight major dialects. There are more than 41 million people in the labor force, and the industrial production growth rate was 6 percent as of 2015. The unemployment rate has been decreasing recently, but it is high, and about 25 percent of the population is experiencing poverty. 




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Acacia Creations


From the Philippines: Meet the Artisan


Acacia Creations

Acacia Creations is a fair trade studio based in Nairobi, Kenya that creates beautiful, eco-friendly jewelry, gifts, and home accents.

The group has expanded its reach beyond Kenya, partnering with thousands of artisans in East Africa, the Philippines, and other countries. Acacia Creations aims to help people in a sustainable manner, including by creating jobs, providing training, and giving back to communities through education and healthcare initiatives.







SAFFY is a social enterprise within SAFRUDI, a nonprofit organization working with artisans in the Philippines. The artisans are members of marginalized rural communities, among them women and indigenous peoples. SAFFY provides employment opportunities to skilled artisans regardless of age; the artisans range in age from 18 to 60 years of age. The majority of the artisans work from a communal shop. However, some of the women artisans, particularly those living in very remote locations, have the option to work from the comfort of their homes. This provides them with an opportunity to care for their families while earning a sustainable income. SAFFY empowers artisans through the provision of support services including skill development, product development insights, and financial management training.






TAYO Collective

Located in the Philippines, TAYO Collective works with 15 female artisans who are survivors of the sex trade. The women range in age from 20 to 30 years. Through TAYO Collective, they have access to safe housing, dignified employment, nutrition and health training, personal development programs, and a tuition-free college education. Every piece of TAYO Collective’s fair trade jewelry purchased at The Little Market empowers the artisans to break the cycle of poverty and permanently escape the sex trade.



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