We are proud to work with talented, resilient, and empowered artisans and producers around the world, several of whom have survived hardships including human trafficking and exploitation. Now, through dignified work in a supportive environment, they earn fair wages and create beautiful handmade goods.

We recognize that there is no one common experience with human trafficking and this experience does not define anyone.

Anchal Project


Anchal Project is an India-based social enterprise that supports employment opportunities for women, many of whom were previously exploited by the commercial sex trade. The social enterprise offers holistic solutions to societal inequalities by providing skills training, full-time employment opportunities, educational workshops, health services, a safe work environment, and access to a larger marketplace.

The Little Market In-House Production Team


These sugar scrubs were handmade by individuals who are survivors of human trafficking and leaders in the anti-trafficking movement working to create resilient futures and raise awareness about human rights. Through a skill development program with The Little Market, they have access to fair wages and empowering work environments while skill building and dreaming up new opportunities. Each program participant has been involved with the Survivor Leadership Program at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (Cast). A nonprofit based in Los Angeles, California, Cast offers survivors comprehensive services, including a hotline, housing, social/legal services, anti-trafficking advocacy training, and a platform to create change.



Basha’s high quality, unique kantha products are handmade by strong women in Bangladesh, many of whom are survivors of human sex trafficking. The women complete a training and rehabilitation program prior to beginning work. Basha also provides educational opportunities including literacy and life skills programs. The artisans receive medical support, counseling, and day care.