We partner with several groups in the United States that are creating opportunities for resettled refugees, young mothers, and individuals who have experienced homelessness and incarceration. They are empowered to build new lives for themselves and their families.

As a fair trade organization, The Little Market is committed to work with underserved artisans and producers — all across the world and right here in the United States.

Bright Endeavors


Bright Endeavors empowers young mothers from under-resourced communities. Through a job training program, the hardworking women are equipped with career skills, professional development, and a life-changing means to succeed in the workforce. They are empowered to build a bright career path, raise strong families, and create loving homes and communities.

Fountain House + Body


Social enterprise Fountain House + Body is committed to helping people living with serious mental illness, who often face challenges to finding and maintaining a sustainable income. In a safe, rehabilitative environment, producers participate in a transitional employment program where they can build relationships and gain the confidence needed to grow and succeed in the workforce. Fountain House + Body is not only dedicated to uplifting them, but also to helping combat the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.


Jewelry Making + Sewing

GAIA’s mission is to empower underserved refugee women living in Dallas, Texas through employment, encouragement, and dedication to their long-term success here in the United States. The refugee women transform vintage and artisan-made textiles into home and personal accessories, with a focus on sustainability and quality design. Through a living wage and continued training and development, GAIA’s goal is to help lead these resilient women to financial independence and self-sufficiency.

Homeboy Industries

screen-printing + Baking

Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support to individuals who were formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated, allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community. The artisans in their social enterprise screen-print our made-to-order reusable totes. With our special-edition reusable totes, 50% of each purchase will be donated to Homeboy Industries.

Made by DWC

Downtown Women's Center

Melt + Pour

MADE by DWC, the social enterprise component of the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles, California, provides intensive job training and transitional employment opportunities within product and retail environments. These programs give the essential skills and support needed to transition out of homelessness. Through dignified work, participants can rebuild their self-esteem and create safer, healthier futures.

musee Bath


Based out of Canton, Mississippi, Musee Bath is dedicated to alleviating poverty by creating sustainable job opportunities. The social enterprise supports second chances for individuals who have endured various hardships including incarceration. Musee Bath provides a supportive and encouraging work environment for those in reentry programs, along with access to general and higher education and finance training.

prosperity candle

candle making

The women of Prosperity Candle have recently resettled from refugee camps and are building a brighter future for themselves and their families in the United States. Prosperity Candle is a social enterprise based in Massachusetts that invests in women entrepreneurs to help end poverty. Candles are the focus of this enterprise because candle making is a business a woman can start and expand in the safety of her own home with local materials, a critical element at times of unrest.


farming + herb-blending

ShemeshFarms empowers young farm fellows living with diverse abilities in Malibu, California. The team of farm fellows and producers works in a supportive, inclusive environment with college students, interns, and volunteers. They can feel empowered to create unique spice blends while implementing eco-conscious practices and reaching a wider audience.

The Little Market In-House Production Team


These sugar scrubs were handmade by individuals who are survivors of human trafficking and leaders in the anti-trafficking movement working to create resilient futures and raise awareness about human rights. Through a skill development program with The Little Market, they have access to fair wages and empowering work environments while skill building and dreaming up new opportunities. Each program participant has been involved with the Survivor Leadership Program at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (Cast). A nonprofit based in Los Angeles, California, Cast offers survivors comprehensive services, including a hotline, housing, social/legal services, anti-trafficking advocacy training, and a platform to create change.