small-batch sugar scrubs

Now Handmade in Los Angeles

small-batch sugar scrubs

now handmade in los angeles

We are proud to announce The Little Market Pilot Program, which is aimed at creating direct employment opportunities for underserved individuals in Southern California. As part of this program, we have welcomed five new team members who are survivors of human trafficking and leaders in the anti-trafficking movement. They are able to create sugar scrubs on a flexible schedule while building a bright future.

Your purchase empowers people who have survived

human trafficking + are raising awareness to end modern slavery

Each program participant has been involved with the Survivor Leadership Program at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (Cast). A nonprofit based in Los Angeles, California, Cast offers survivors comprehensive services, including a hotline, housing, social/legal services, anti-trafficking advocacy training, and a platform to create change.

Making this sugar scrub is more than just work, it is also therapeutic. It provides more than a paycheck, it also provides healing.

Veronica, Production Associate

Recyclable packaging

Made with all-natural ingredients

Handmade in the United States

This huge milestone was an incredible collaborative effort – from the initial steps of identifying potential groups and procuring the ingredients to facilitating the workshop and conducting ongoing training and check-ins to driving weekly routes to pick up and drop off supplies and products. We are honored to have these resilient and inspiring individuals on our team.

Hannah Skvarla, Co-founder

from her letter on this important milestone

Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to get another person to provide labor or commercial sex.

Worldwide, experts believe there are more situations of labor trafficking than of sex trafficking, but there is much wider awareness of sex trafficking in the U.S. than of labor trafficking.