Fair trade enterprise Sustainable Threads connects with artisan groups in India who create beautiful, handmade goods. It is dedicated to creating long-term, transparent relationships and building a supportive community. Artisans include women, people living with disabilities, and underserved communities.

To create the textiles, artisans use hand-operated looms and carefully interlink vertical threads, known as the warp, and horizontal threads, known as the weft. The time to create each piece will vary based on the size and design. Several of our linens are also carefully naturally dyed with low-impact, environmentally friendly dyes and pure cotton that is locally sourced. The durable banana bark is transformed into timeless products, and the silk used in pillows is 100 percent cruelty-free and organic. Pieces that are block-printed undergo an intricate process. Artisans carve a wooden block by hand and evenly apply the dye — stamping it firmly and steadily. They apply the dye frequently to create the color’s intensity and allow the fabric to dry. Every piece has dozens to hundreds of impressions.

Sustainable Threads is committed to promoting rural development, entrepreneurship, and social justice in the communities in which the artisans live and work. From the products to the materials to the packaging, Sustainable Threads implements environmentally friendly principles. Artisans can build their skills, earn fair wages, access healthcare, and grow and feel empowered within their communities.

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