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Technique: Jute Braiding





Female artisans at CORR - The Jute Works in Bangladesh use a braiding technique to create handmade goods such as the reusable and versatile bags that we carry. The women use a jute fiber, which is a golden, silky, and natural fiber. They braid the fiber and then wrap and sew the rope in order to give it a form. Jute grows well in Bangladesh because of the low land and monsoon weather. The jute material is planted and harvested, and it is a natural regenerator for soil through the nitrogen bulbs in the plant’s roots.




The production process varies based on the size of the goods the artisans are creating as well as the complexity. This traditional technique has been followed for thousands of years while being passed down through different generations of women, and it’s unique to the community. The women working with CORR - The Jute Works are in cooperative groups in rural Bangladesh. The jute craft has positively impacted these women’s lives and has provided them with job opportunities.









CORR - The Jute Works

In Bangladesh, CORR - The Jute Works empowers rural women through handicraft production. The artisans create their goods while using local materials and can work around their household schedules. CORR - The Jute Works provides them with job training and helps to develop their leadership skills. These reusable bags are made following the traditional technique of braiding jute. Exclusively made for The Little Market, the bags also feature our graphic designer’s hand-lettering for a personal touch.



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