Technique: Wrapped Bracelets





Our stone and crystal wrap bracelets are handmade by female artisans in Thailand, working with the fair trade group Marquet. Marquet personally meets with every artisan, with the goal of empowering artisans and entrepreneurs in developing countries. By connecting the artisans in Thailand with the rest of the world, each artisan is able to access a much larger audience for their beautiful handmade goods.




The talented artisans who make these bracelets are from the Akha tribe. They have the opportunity to work full-time, part-time, or from home, giving them the opportunity to make a living in a way that accommodates their other commitments to family and work. The bracelets are made from semi-precious stones, brass, and crystal in a workshop with a great social environment and relaxed working conditions.










Marquet employs over one hundred Akha craftspeople who are indigenous to Southeast Asia and live throughout countries including Thailand. Their mission is to empower these artisans and help them reach a larger audience. They offer both full-time and part-time opportunities at their central and highly productive workshop, which provides a great social environment where the sound of laughter is abundant, as artisans are happy to come work together in a relaxed and fun setting. The artisans also have the opportunity to work from home, which allows maximum flexibility for the artisans to work around their own schedules and other personal or family commitments.



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