We seek out handmade products that are meaningful for their beauty and the change they create for the artisans who crafted them. We strive to connect our artisans with consumers to create a positive and sustainable change in their livelihood.



Community Development

We work with groups of artisans that work actively to improve the quality of life in their villages and towns through community investment and development. Our groups give back to their communities in a number of ways including: support education for children, literacy for adults, healthcare, and human rights training in their villages and towns.

Employ Women

We work with artisans to provide greater opportunity for women. Artisans are empowered to work and care for their families while moving toward economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Fair Trade 

We partner with artisan groups who demonstrate a real commitment to their artisans’ welfare. We work with our artisan partners to ensure that fair trade practices are in place and respected.

Fair Wages

We purchase artisans’ products at fair trade prices that provide a living wage. We pay our artisans promptly, knowing that families rely on the income to meet immediate needs. We pay our artisans fifty percent of the product cost when we place an order so that our groups can purchase the materials they need for production, and fifty percent when the order is delivered.

Safe Workplace 

We work with artisan collectives that create safe and healthy working environments for the artisans. It is imperative that the groups ensure the artisans’ safety and comply with or exceed national and local labor laws and standards related to hours, workplace conditions, and child labor laws.