Wholesale FAQ

How do I become a wholesale partner?

To apply to become a wholesale partner, please complete our Wholesale Request Form, and our team will review your application.


How long does it take for my wholesale application to process?

We work hard to process each wholesale request in a timely fashion. Because our team is small, it may take up to three weeks to process, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What does your team look for when I apply for a wholesale account?

Our team reviews your website and product assortment to determine if your business is a good fit for our products and that your brand shares a similar aesthetic to ours. If we cannot find enough information about your store, we will reach out to you directly for additional details.


Will I hear back from you if I am approved or not approved to be a wholesale partner?

Yes, we make sure to respond to every inquiry as soon as we process your application.


How quickly can I order product after I am approved to be a wholesale partner?

Once you are approved as a wholesale partner, you will receive a Wholesale Line Sheet, as well as our Terms & Conditions. We require a signature and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions prior to your first order. Once we have received this information, you can place your first order directly by emailing wholesale@thelittlemarket.com. We do not accept orders over the phone.


What is your minimum order amount?

Our minimum opening order is $500. All orders following the first must be $300 or more.


Where do you source your products from?

The Little Market ethically sources products from artisan groups in more than 25 countries, including, but not limited to, the United States, Bangladesh, Ghana, Guatemala, and Thailand. Please see our Where We Work page for a full overview.


Do you have a wholesale catalog?

Yes, we have a Wholesale Line Sheet that will be sent to you via email as soon as you are approved as a wholesale partner.



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