Coffee & Cocoa Gift Box

$ 84.00

But first, coffee (or hot cocoa). Stay cozy with a good book and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate!

This gift box includes:

  • Drinking Chocolate, made from cocoa harvested by farmworkers at Divine in Ghana
  • Coffee, harvested by farmworkers at Level Ground Trading in countries around the world
  • Two Handmade Ceramic Mugs, handmade by artisans at Chabi Chic in Morocco
  • Gift Box

Fair Trade Coffee + Cocoa Gift Box | The Little Market

  • 5 x Bolivia Medium Roast / Ground
  • 8 x Bolivia Medium Roast / Whole
  • 5 x Colombia Dark Roast / Ground
  • 5 x Colombia Dark Roast / Whole
  • 4 x Congo Medium Roast / Ground
  • 7 x Congo Medium Roast / Whole
  • 4 x Decaf Colombia Dark Roast / Ground
  • 3 x Decaf Colombia Dark Roast / Whole
  • 5 x Espresso Blend Coffee / Whole
  • 8 x Ethiopia Medium Roast / Ground
  • 7 x French Roast Coffee / Ground
  • 6 x French Roast Coffee / Whole
  • 8 x Peru Medium Roast Coffee / Ground
  • 6 x Tanzania Dark Roast Coffee / Whole


  • Chocolate was prepared where nuts were handled.
  • Box color or pattern may vary from gift box pictured
  • As with all handmade items, slight variations will occur


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