Set of 3 Cookbooks Bundle | The Little Market
Set of 3 Cookbooks Bundle | The Little Market
Cookbook Bundle

Cookbook Bundle

Create delicious recipes from around the world with three cookbooks! Each purchase supports human rights and social justice advocacy.

With every purchase of a bundle, you are supporting artisans and producers in underserved communities globally.

Cookbook Bundle | Ready-to-Go

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  • Immigrant Cookbook: Approximately 10.5"" long x 8.5"" wide
  • Share Cookbook: 11"" long x 9"" wide
  • Soup for Syria Cookbook: Approximately 11.5"" long x 9"" wide
  • Man'oushé Cookbook: Approximately 11.5"" long x 9.25"" wide
  • Mouneh Cookbook: Approximately 10"" long x 8"" wide
  • As with all handmade items, variations will occur.


  • Hardcover


  • Wipe with a dry cloth.


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Mouneh Cookbook
Preserve and learn about Lebanese culture through traditional recipes by Barbara Abdeni Massaad.

Each purchase of this cookbook supports Lebanese writers and honors beautiful culinary traditions. The publisher will donate $8.10 per purchase to the Lebanese Food Bank, a nonprofit, charitable organization committed to alleviating hunger and reducing food waste in Lebanon.
$ 50.00
Share Cookbook (Hardcover)
Featuring over 100 recipes, Share offers a vibrant look into the day-to-day lives and inspiring kitchens of women from war-torn countries. Pages are filled with stunning photography of the countries and dishes. Read inspiring stories from the women whose lives have been positively impacted by the work of Women for Women International. Foreword is written by Meryl Streep.
$ 40.00
Soup for Syria Cookbook (Hardcover)
Cook something that will warm your soul. This cookbook features recipes from nearly 80 famous chefs from around the world and is part of a project to aid the refugee crisis in Syria. Each purchase helps fund food relief efforts through the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
$ 30.00