Hand-Blown Tall Glass | The Little Market
Hand-Blown Tall Glass | The Little Market
Hand-Blown Tall Glass | The Little Market
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Hand-Blown Highball Glass

$ 20.00


Durable, elevated, and thoughtfully crafted, this glassware is perfect for any special occasion to celebrate.

Each piece of glassware is crafted by artisans in Cantel, Guatemala. Artisans thoroughly clean, melt down, mold, and blow the glass to create one-of-a-kind drinkware from recycled glass. Artisans earn fair wages and have access to health insurance, ownership of the cooperative, and training and educational opportunities.

Clear Tall Glass | Hand-Blown in Guatemala



  • Approximately 2.5” in diameter x 5.25” tall
  • Weight: 20 ounces
  • Material: recycled glass
  • With the beauty of handmade, small-batch items, we celebrate that no two pieces are exactly the same. Please note you may notice variations in size, color, and design.


  • Hand-wash only with cool water. May be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher on a normal cycle, however each glass may not touch other items. Do not expose to hot or boiling liquids.
  • Do not place in microwave, oven, or freezer.
  • Due to their delicate and handmade nature, avoid stacking glassware to help prevent breakage and shock.
  • To store, thoroughly dry, allow for ample space between pieces, and keep the rim-side up.


    Are you interested in a custom version of this product? We would love to work with you and bring your ideas to life.

    Elevate your shop’s assortment, bulk gifting, special events, hospitality experience, and beyond. Please reach out to our team at custom@thelittlemarket.com to learn more.
Located in: Guatemala
COPAVIC, also known as the Recycled Glass Cooperative of Cantel, is an artisan-owned cooperative in the village of Cantel, Guatemala. Artisans have access to fair wages, health insurance, training and educational opportunities, and personal development programs. COPAVIC is dedicated to providing dignified income opportunities and a safe work environment.
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Located in: Guatemala
hand-blown with recycled glass
hand-blown with recycled glass