iPad Case - Midnight

made in Ghana
by artisan women using hand-dyed cotton

$ 21.00  |   SOLD OUT

Store your iPad in this stylish case! All cases are made from hand-dyed cotton, which means no two are the same. Each purchase supports Della artisans in Ghana.

    Handcrafted Blue iPad Case | Midnight | The Little Market

    As with all handmade items, no two pieces are the same. Variations in size, color, and design will occur.


    • Approximately 10" x 9"
    • As with all handmade items, slight variations will occur
    About The Artisans

    About The Artisans


    Della products are handcrafted by a community in Ghana, West Africa. All profit goes toward providing employment, education, and financial stability for women and men in Ghana. The artisans earn a steady and fair income and are empowered through education in micro-financing, savings, and entrepreneurship classes. Every product is handcrafted with textiles from the Volta Region. Through Della, the passionate and talented women who create the pieces are given an opportunity to build a foundation for a better life.
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    Fabric dyeing is a historical and rich cultural tradition in Ghana. Fabrics are dyed by hand, resulting in beautiful patterns with vibrant colors. One of the most iconic Ghanaian techniques is tie dye. To create tie dye patterns, artisans first bundle fabric into sections. The fabrics are submerged into brilliant dyes, but the tied sections resist absorbing the color. The fabrics are soaked, washed and dried, leaving a brilliant pattern on the finished product. The tie dye process is time-intensive, but Ghanaian artisans are recognized for their care and attention to detail, resulting in beautiful, one-of-a-kind textiles.
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    About The Country


    Ghana is a country whose immense cultural diversity is a reflection of the more than 75 ethnic groups living in the country. Ghana is often described as a land of festivals, music, and traditional dances. There is hardly any community, clan, or tribe who misses an occasion to celebrate: from the right of passage child-birth, puberty, marriage and death. Ghanaians are well known for their craftwork such as hand-carved stools, fertility dolls, and colorful ‘kente’ cloth.
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    About The Country
    About Fair Trade

    About Fair Trade

    Fair Trade Products

    Fair Trade is an approach to international trade centered around equitable partnerships, transparency and respect. It seeks to empower marginalized producers by providing them safe working conditions, fair pay, and a means to establish a sustainable business free from exploitation. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we are committed to the Fair Trade principles.
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