Mini Lidded Basket - Aqua | The Little Market
Mini Lidded Basket - Aqua | The Little Market
Mini Lidded Basket - Aqua | The Little Market

Mini Lidded Basket - Aqua

$ 10.00


Stash dainty items in this tiny hand-woven basket. Keep it on display year-round and hang it as an ornament for the holidays. Each purchase supports artisans in Rwanda working at All Across Africa.

Mini Lidded Basket - Aqua

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  • Approximately 4" tall x 2.5" tall
  • As with all handmade items, variations will occur.


  • Do not allow material to get wet and do not submerge in water. If necessary, spot clean with a soft, damp cloth using minimal water. Carefully blot away excess liquid or moisture. Let dry completely and avoid direct sunlight.


  • Woven from fibers harvested from the sisal leaf
  • Made of sisal and sweetgrass grown naturally in Rwanda
  • Organic dyes are used to dye the sisal.


  • We guarantee the quality and individuality of all of our handmade, fair trade products and conduct thorough quality checks.
  • As with all handmade and small-batch items, no two pieces are exactly the same.
  • Variations in size, color, and design will naturally occur.
  • If you purchase two or more of the same items, you might notice variations. Our Fulfillment Team members do their best to make sure the items are as similar as can be.
  • We hold our handmade products in the highest esteem, and we hope that you enjoy and celebrate these variations as much as we do.
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Located in: Rwanda
All Across Africa works with rural producer groups and business partners in Rwanda, providing them with resources including education, training, materials, and finance programs. Artisans weave beautiful baskets and bowls from sisal and sweet grass. Rwandan women have been passing the skill of basket weaving from generation to generation for centuries. These baskets can function as tools used by Rwandans as well as ornaments, heirlooms, art, gifts, symbols of culture, pieces of tradition, and embodiments of friendship.
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Located in: Rwanda
Handwoven from locally sourced grasses
Handwoven from locally sourced grasses