Naturally Dyed Fabric Gift Wrap - Light Indigo - L (set of 4) | The Little Market
Naturally Dyed Fabric Gift Wrap - Light Indigo - L (set of 4) | The Little Market
Naturally Dyed Fabric Gift Wrap - Light Indigo - L (set of 4) | The Little Market

Naturally Dyed Fabric Gift Wrap - Indigo - L (set of 4)

$ 36.00


Thoughtful and intentional, this reusable gift wrap is inspired by furoshiki: the ancient Japanese art of wrapping gifts and other goods with fabric. Not only will your gifts look beautiful, but they will also reduce single-use waste.

Each gifting cloth is naturally dyed from native plants and handmade from 100% cotton. Every purchase empowers innovative artisans in India practicing a traditional and eco-conscious papermaking technique while earning fair, dignified wages.

Indigo Gift Wrap (L) | Furoshiki | The Little Market


  • Gifting fabric comes in a set of four with a handmade protective drawstring bag.
  • Approximately 27” length x 27” width
  • As with all handmade items, variations will occur.


  • Store in a dry place.
  • Gently wipe clean with a dry cloth.


  • 100% Cotton


  • We guarantee the quality and individuality of all of our handmade, fair trade products and conduct thorough quality checks.
  • As with all handmade and small-batch items, no two pieces are exactly the same.
  • Variations in size, color, and design will naturally occur.
  • If you purchase two or more of the same items, you might notice variations. Our Fulfillment Team members do their best to make sure the items are as similar as can be.
  • We hold our handmade products in the highest esteem, and we hope that you enjoy and celebrate these variations as much as we do.
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$ 8.00
Located in: India
Social enterprise Craft Boat works with artisans who practice eco-conscious principles while creating innovative products. To create the table linens and drawstring bags, they form the fabric from cotton yarn. The cotton plant provides fibers that are transformed into yarn, and the artisans weave the yarns together to create the textile and fabric. Next, they fold and tie the textile once with a thread in preparation for the dye. The linens and bags are beautifully and naturally dyed with indigo and blush dyes, which are derived from plants and trees abundant in India. These colors are transferred to textiles, and the artisans fold and tie them to form intricate, unique patterns. They untie, dry, and iron the fabric. In the final stages, the textiles are stitched together to completion.
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Located in: India
Sewing, stitching + natural dyeing
Sewing, stitching + natural dyeing