Naturally Dyed Oversized Gift Tag - Light Indigo (set of 8) | The Little Market
Naturally Dyed Oversized Gift Tag - Light Indigo (set of 8) | The Little Market

Naturally Dyed Oversized Gift Tag - Light Indigo (set of 8)

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These one-of-a-kind handmade gift tags have dozens of uses. Add a personal touch to presents, label storage containers and spices, decorate place settings, and share sweet notes in lunch boxes. Note: Each set comes with a handmade drawstring bag to tuck the tags into, helping to protect the natural, vibrant dyes from exposure to the light.

Artisans have innovatively crafted these napkins from linen, and each piece is naturally dyed with colors from indigo plants native to India. Artisans earn fair wages, prioritize eco-conscious practices, work in a safe and collaborative environment, and build upon their skills and creativity.

Naturally Dyed Gift Tag - Light Indigo (Set of 8) | The Little Market

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  • Tags: Approximately 6" long x 3" wide
  • Drawstring Bag: Approximately 5" long x 7" wide
  • Each set includes eight (8) tags and one (1) drawstring bag.
  • Materials: Tree-free paper, recycled cotton textiles, and hosiery scraps
  • With the beauty of handmade, small-batch items, we celebrate that no two pieces are exactly the same. Please note you may notice variations in size, color, and design.


  • Store in a dry place.


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Located in: India
Social enterprise Craft Boat works with artisans who practice eco-conscious principles while creating innovative products. They preserve techniques including recycled handmade papermaking, paper product making, stitching, natural dyeing, and tie-dyeing. The intricate processes involve papermakers, screen-printers, craftspeople, quality checkers, and other artisans in a collaborative environment. Artisans build upon their talents and tap into their creative and design skills.
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Located in: India
Handmade from recycled cotton textiles
Handmade from recycled cotton textiles