Oval Woven Serving Tray - White

Made in Tanzania
by weavers using local grasses and upcycled grain bags

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Prep brunch in a breeze with these woven trays — perfect for displaying bagels, muffins, or doughnuts. Each tray is beautifully and sustainably made using upcycled grain bags and natural grasses native to East Africa. Every purchase empowers weavers at WomenCraft in Tanzania.

Oval Handmade Serving Tray | Fair Trade | The Little Market

As with all handmade items, no two pieces are the same. Variations in size, color, and design will occur.


  • Small Aapproximately: 9.5" long x 8" wide x 2.5" tall
  • Medium Aapproximately: 11.5" long x 10" wide x 2.75" tall
  • Materials: locally harvested star grass, locally sourced papyrus, and recycled grain sacks used for colors
  • Care instructions: Spot clean using minimal water. Dab (do not rub) using an undyed paper towel or cloth to prevent the colors from bleeding. Dry completely to avoid molding. To preserve the natural colors and stop fading, do not place in direct sunlight.
  • As with all handmade items, slight variations will occur
About The Artisans

About The Artisans


WomenCraft is a social enterprise and member of the World Fair Trade Organization working with more than 300 artisans in 17 villages in Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda. WomenCraft consists of 24 artisans groups, which include former refugee women, survivors of genocide, and HIV-positive artisans. Many of these displaced artisans have been living in refugee camps for decades. Previously, several of the women were once struggling subsistence farmers. And many of the artisans assume the responsibility of carrying for HIV orphans; they are the surviving children of extended family members who lost their battle to AIDS. With WomenCraft, the artisans can increase their crop yield while having a work-family life balance, send their children to school, and provide better nutrition and healthcare.
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Artisans working with WomenCraft practice a weaving technique that is traditional to Hangaza culture weaving in the tri-border region between Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi. This specialized coiling technique combines natural grasses interwoven with vibrant materials of the region. Through the time-intensive technique, artisans weave each grass coil in a series of carefully planned rows, fusing traditional weaving with a modern aesthetic. This technique is passed down from one generation to the next, specifically from mothers to daughters or women to women. It is also unique to the artisans’ communities.
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About The Country


The diversity of Tanzania is reflected in the various forms of its culture and traditions. Over 120 ethnic groups call Tanzania home, and amongst them over 100 languages are spoken, with Swahili being the official language. Tanzania has a large Indian population comprising Hindus, Sunni Muslims, Sikhs, Parsis and Goans. The multi-culturalism of Tanzania is also evident in its mixed and varied art scene, its traditional ethnic music, colorful paintings and sculptures of indigenous hardwoods, specifically fetish style figurines and masks, and perhaps best reflected, its diverse cuisine.
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About The Country
About Fair Trade

About Fair Trade

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Fair Trade is an approach to international trade centered around equitable partnerships, transparency and respect. It seeks to empower marginalized producers by providing them safe working conditions, fair pay, and a means to establish a sustainable business free from exploitation. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we are committed to the Fair Trade principles.
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