Mud Cloth Handmade Pillow | Fair Trade | The Little Market

White + Black Striped Embroidered Pillow

made in Tunisia
by weavers preserving traditional techniques

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Inspired by Berber heritage, the Hela Pillow is made from hand-spun organic cotton and finished with a linear black wool design. Each purchase empowers artisans at Creative Women in Tunisia.

Mud Cloth Handmade Pillow | Fair Trade | The Little Market

As with all handmade items, no two pieces are the same. Variations in size, color, and design will occur.


  • Approximately 18" long x 18" wide
  • Materials: 100% hand-woven cotton
  • Care instructions: Hand wash only and lay flat to dry
  • Pillows come ready to go! An insert is included with each purchase, and this pillow features a zipper closure for easy removal 
  • As with all handmade items, slight variations will occur
About The Artisans

About The Artisans

Creative Women

Creative Women is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and is working with 300 artisans from countries including Tunisia. Seventy-three percent of the artisans are women. In creating opportunities for ethnically diverse artisans groups across Tunisia, Creative Women is helping preserve traditional techniques. Weavers remain quite a marginalized group, and weaving remains part of the informal sector. The art of weaving is disappearing as the newer generations are opting to leave the trade in search of other employment opportunities. Creative Women approaches ethical design as a counterpoint to mass production.
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Artisans at Creative Women practice a beautiful weaving technique. The raw cotton is sourced from local farmers. Women remove the seeds and spin the cotton on pedal-driven spinning wheels to create the thread. This process takes more time than the actual weaving and requires much skill to ensure consistent thread width. If the design involves color variations, the hand-spun thread is then dyed.

Artisans at Creative Women use AZO-free dyes and residue is properly disposed. Production techniques are eco-friendly, as they require no electricity. Hand-spun cotton is lightweight and versatile and becomes more absorbent with each wash/dry cycle. Artisans at Creative Women are incredibly inspiring, and we are proud to work with them as a preserve a wonderful weaving technique.
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About The Country


With the capital, Tunis, strategically located on the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia has been a seat of power over the centuries to the Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks and French.  Following independence from French rule in 1956, Tunisia has been governed by only two heads of state, President Bourguiba for three decades and President Ben Ali from 1987 until 2011. The October 2011 elections brought leadership responsible for drafting a new constitution. However the assassination of the opposition leader in July 2013 resulted in calls for the current government to resign.
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About The Country
About Fair Trade

About Fair Trade

Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade is an approach to international trade centered around equitable partnerships, transparency and respect. It seeks to empower marginalized producers by providing them safe working conditions, fair pay, and a means to establish a sustainable business free from exploitation. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we are committed to the Fair Trade principles.
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