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Our mission is to build sustainable partnerships with artisans around the world, by connecting them with customers through an online marketplace.
We seek to empower women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families.

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What They Say

“We, at Maya Traditions, are excited to be hosting a basic literacy training course for our artisans. We work to provide participating artisans with skills and tools that will be helpful in all parts of their lives. In 2013, we offered the first literacy workshop series to fourteen of our artisans. We are now offering two weekly trainings.”
Maya Traditions
“As the leader of American Jewish World Service (AJWS), I’m deeply grateful for The Little Market’s mission to empower women economically to rise above poverty and support their families. AJWS is the leading Jewish organization working to promote human rights and end poverty in the developing world, and we largely focus on advancing the health and human rights of women and girls in conjunction with our We Believe campaign. We know that by some estimates, women constitute about 70% of the world’s absolute poor. However, when women gain economic autonomy, their families are healthier, their children have greater access to education, agricultural productivity improves, and societies benefit as a whole.”
Ruth Messinger
President, American Jewish World Service
“Maria Ajozal, one of our partner artisans put it like this ‘you, the customer, receives a quality item and, at the same time, by buying our products, you are giving us a quality of life.’ But it goes even further. Handmade products, like the ones we sell at Mayan Hands, incorporate the history and culture of a group of people. This information enables the customer to connect with the artisans, learn more about them, and through the purchase, have an impact on their lives.” ~ Mayan Hands
Mayan Hands
“I have been following the Little Market since its inception. I cannot tell you how refreshing this business is to witness. I find it truly inspirational that you found a creative outlet to showcase talented people all over the world. Too often in life do we lose sight of each other by focusing on our own world. Sadly, most people only hear the negatives distant lands and make assumptions that the whole country suffers the same ailments. While it is true that there is help needed all over the world, which is clearly the motivation for the Little Market, there is also a lot of joy and talent to be celebrated. I truly respect your ability to marry the two together. Thank you for having the courage to step out and try something new. I hope it is an amazing success for you and all those you support.”
“The candles we made for The Little Market are high quality, hand poured, soy blend candles with natural cotton wicks. What makes them unique is our attention to detail…and the significant impact they have had – The Little Market and its customers have – on the lives of women refugees building a brighter future for themselves and their families in the U.S. Your purchase supports opportunity for them, and women’s entrepreneurship around the world through our volunteer work (e.g., trips to Haiti to train women in entrepreneurship and candle-making).”
Artisan Partner

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