Matr Boommie


Matr Boomie connects with artisans in underserved communities and works to improve their economic and social standing by creating sustainable income opportunities and following fair trade practices.

The organization partners with grassroots-level NGOs and artisan cooperatives and provides helpful market and fashion information. Matr Boomie also prioritizes the use of natural fibers, recycled materials, and ethically sourced materials and continues to expand its network of artisans and art forms.

Artisans working with Matr Boomie in India carve bone and mangowood to create beautiful home décor including picture frames. Approximately 10 to 15 artisans work together to create each batch of products while preserving traditional techniques that are local to the community. The artisans use ethically and locally sourced bone materials from animals that have passed away naturally. They then carve the bone pieces into the desired shape, polish them, and assemble them onto a wooden base to create picture frames. This process can take approximately three to four weeks to complete.

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