Since 2008, Meyelo has worked with entrepreneurs in Maasai communities of Kenya to support them through dignified work, empowering work environments, and sustainable income opportunities. More than 120 talented artisans work with Meyelo, including seamstresses, leather makers, brass artisans, and metal casting specialists.

The artisans have previously had limited access to economic and educational opportunities, in spite of their countless skills and crafts. Through this work with Meyelo, they can participate in robust skill development and training programs, allowing them to expand their entrepreneurial skills and gain a better understanding of the global market. A portion of the proceeds are also reinvested into microfinance opportunities for the artisans. Furthermore, through a commitment to the community, Meyelo supports access to education, water, farming co-ops, and medical care. A women-led team, Meyelo is dedicated to the long-term success of the artisans and sustainable change.

These techniques are often passed down through generations. The brass is locally sourced and durable. To create the products, artisans will trace and cut shapes onto brass sheets and round the corners. If needed based on the shape, the metal will be treated with heat. Next, the brass is hammered into the ideal shape and polished. The leather is also sturdy and of high quality, handmade through a tanning process, and the canvas accessories are created with premium canvas, handmade through intricate stitching techniques.

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